GTA Online Become Bigfoot (Sasquatch) & Chop Peyote Location Secret

With the latest version of GTA Online players can pick up peyote plants and become various animals, but the most interesting transformation is that you can be Bigfoot or Chop. Chop is the Rottweiler dog that follows Franklin around in GTA 5 single player campaign. Bigfoot, or Sasquatch as some call it, is a mighty mythical creature and it is the most powerful peyote transformation in the game. This new feature creates a lot of fun because other players will see you as animals you turn into. There are 76 peyote plants to be found in GTA Online, but only two turn you into these special creatures. They are hard to find and in this article we’ll tell you where are Bigfoot and Chop peyote plants and how to turn into a Sasquatch.

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GTA Online Bigfoot Sasquatch Chop Peyote Location Secret

Sasquatch Peyote Location

This one is found a bit north of the town of Grapeseed, at the base of mount Chiliad. Move to the north of Grapeseed, next to some greenhouses and then fdrive up a short mountain trail to the location seen on the screenshot of the map bellow. Bigfoot peyote is easy enough to find. The problem is actually spawning as Sasquatch. Requirement is to eat that peyote plant in between 3AM and 8AM and the weather in GTA Online has to be foggy when you eat it! You can check your cell phone for appropriate time. Weather is a whole different story. Weather cycles in GTA Online change every 16 in-game days. That takes hours of real time and you still might not get foggy weather. There’s a trick though.

bigfoot Sasquatch Peyote Location foggy gta online

GTA Online foggy weather – how to get fog to become Bigfoot?

There is supposedly a glitch you can exploit to get foggy weather in GTA Online so you can spawn as Bigfoot. We’ve tried this method and it worked once out of 5 tries. I am not sure if we were just lucky or was it because of this method. Honestly, I think that you can’t change the weather to what you need in GTA Online without severe hacks, which can get you banned. You just have to be patient and check to see if you get luck and get some foggy weather in Grapeseed.

In any case here it goes. Arrive at the Sasquatch peyote location and then go to the Online menu and pick Creator mode. Confirm you want to exit the session when asked. You want to create a Land race, go into placements and place a trigger and a few checkpoints. Go into Race Details next and scroll until you find the weather option. Choose foggy weather. Now you need to start the Race Test. Once the test starts and you see foggy weather feel free to exit. Last step is to exit the creator mode to GTA Online. When you spawn in GTA Online you should have foggy weather and be next to the peyote plant. Hopefully it will also be between 3AM and 8AM. Eat the peyote and become Bigfoot.

In any case, you have to know that Bigfoot is very powerful. His hits can launch cars and one hit kill NPCs. He does not attract police attention and can pick up dropped weapons and cash. Only limitations are that you can’t drive or enter buildings.

Chop Peyote location

Chop is the dog that Franklin gets to hang out with during the single player campaign. GTA Online players will now sort of get to interact with it as well. You need to reach Franklin’s old house and go in the back yard. You will find the special peyote plant there. Once you eat it you turn into Chop. As this handsome Rottweiler you can run around GTA Online and actually attack NPCs and other players. Chop takes people down quite quickly and I can’t wait for videos of griefing as Chop to start appearing online.

Chop Peyote location

I would like to thank FoxySnaps who was the guy that data mined all of these peyote locations for GTA Online and figured out the prerequisites for bigfoot spawning.

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