Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Release Time

Red Dead Redemption 2 is launching on PC on November 5th. Since that’s pretty close, a lot of people are wondering about the exact launch times. Rockstar has been characteristically silent about the whole matter, so there’s a whole lot of speculation everywhere you look. We’re going to try to clear things up a bit in this article, and help you figure out the exact RDR2 PC launch time.

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rdr2 pc release time
Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Release Time

RDR2 PC launch time

There’s no official word from Rockstar, not on their social media or any of their many websites. However, there are two sources that have some hard data we can use. The first is Game Debate, which claims Rockstar got back to them when they asked the developer/publisher about the release time. According to them, it’s going to go live at 5AM PT/ 8AM ET / 1PM GMT. This means everyone will be getting it at the same time. The fact that it’s already the 5th in New Zealand and the game isn’t live there yet goes to support this claim, or at least the part where everyone gets it at the same time.

Another source we’ve seen is the Epic Games Store. If you hover your mouse over the release date, then right click and select the option to inspect the element, you’ll see the date comes with a time attached, and that time is 14:00. Since there’s no mention of a time zone, and it is using the 24-hour format, we’re going to presume this means UTC. Assuming it’s a global release, that would put it an hour later than the other prediction.

It’s in the same ballpark, though. What’s important is that there’s definitely no rolling launch, and we’ll all get it at the same time tomorrow – early morning for the US, early afternoon for Europe, and late in the night for Australia and east Asia.

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