Find Safe Combination Tequi La La GTA Online

With its recent The Contract DLC expansion GTA Online received a much-needed boost of new content. This new storyline has us meet some very well-known faces from past GTA titles, and indulge in activities the franchise is best known for – guns, cars, and action. In one of these new missions, you will need to find the Safe Combination in Tequi La La. The trouble is that the note that has the combination written on it can be in several places. All of these places require that you do a lot of searching before you can discover them. Or, you can read our Find Safe Combination Tequi La La GTA Online guide where we will show you all these places and save you quite a lot of time.

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Find Safe Combination Tequi La La GTA Online

Where to Find Tequi La La Safe Combination in GTA Online

First, to explain what you are looking for. The item that you need to find is a small, yellow post-it note. Since it can be stuck to any surface, this means that we had to comb the entire location from top to bottom to see where it is. To further complicate matters, the action prompt to interact with it only appears when you are standing very close to it and pointing straight at it.

The first location where the safe combination note can be found is behind the bar. Look for it among the bottles there. The second possible location is next to the speakers. The speakers are over by the main stage. The third and final spawn point for the safe combination is also in that room. Look for a couch in the corner. There is a small table directly in front of it. The post-it note can be there. And those are all the places where the safe combination can appear. After that, use it to unlock the safe, collect what’s inside, and return to the Agency.

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    Isnt it on a post it note in your arcade office if you own one.

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