GTA Online Gunrunning Update is Now Live on all Platforms

The newest Grand Theft Auto V Online update, called Gunrunning, is live on all platforms. The size of the update is around 2.2 GB. To start the DLC, buy the bunker in order to activate all the Gunrunning activities. Check out the new cars, over 750 new clothing items and much, much more.

GTA V Online Gunrunning Update

Bunkers are the new safe places. Their prices vary from $1.165.000 to $2.375.000, and they are all located in the northern part of the island. There are none in the city. They can be upgraded by adding new stuff inside, like a shooting range. Once you get the bunker, you can start your Gunrunning business. You do so by finding a computer terminal and tapping into the Disruption Logistics network.

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Mobile Operations Center (MOC) is a type of mobile fortress on wheels. Basically, a truck with an armored trailer that can serve as another property. You’ll need to get the bunker before the MOC. For the price of $1.225.000 – $1.400.000, you can even add the optional command center, living quarters, weapons workshop, personal vehicle storage, and more. MOC can be destroyed, but it will respawn inside your Bunker.

There are six new weaponized vehicles. You can buy them all from and customize them with exclusive mods unlocked by your research staff. Some of them are:

  • APC ($2 325 000 – $3 092 250) – A heavy duty armored personnel carrier equipped with a turret-mounted cannon.
  • Dune FAV ($850 000 – $1 130 500) – Similar to the Sand Dune, build for people who like the wind on their face as they drive.
  • Half-Track ($1 695 000 – $2 254 350) – More like a half truck, with the rear tracks instead of the wheels.
  • Oppressor ($2 650 000 – $3 524 500) – The only bike in the offer, the rocket powered that can fly.
  • Weaponized Tampa ($1 585 000 – $2 108 050) – Just a Tampa, with a top-mounted minigun, nothing strange.
  • Anti-Aircraft Trailer ($1 400 000 – $1 862 000) – Can be upgraded to a homing missile battery.

Tons of new customization will allow you to try out new clothes, tattoos, haircuts, outfits and weapon attachments. All these with lots of fixes. This is all a part of the Gunrunning 1.40 update.

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