Destiny 2 Now Available On, Can Be Bought With WoW Tokens

Destiny 2 is now available for purchase on, where you can even use your WoW tokens to acquire it. This is great news for people who still actively play WoW and have extra gold to spend. Maybe we should expect some cross game promotions in the future? We will see soon enough.

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Destiny 2 for PC with WoW Tokens and Money Now on Battle Net
Destiny 2 on, purchasable with WoW tokens

As you may already know, Destiny 2 is coming to PC on October 24th, almost two months after its initial release on PS4 and XBox One. This was revealed during an E3 2017 conference. If you are still planning to play it on a PC, and you want to play it during the beta early access period, be sure to pre-purchase it on BNet. The PC beta early access is set to happen at some point near the end of August.

If you are a WoW player, you can also get Destiny 2 using in-game gold. The full price and gold comparisons are shown down below, using the gold value on US servers.

Edition NamePrice Token price (125k Gold per token) Token price (165k Gold per token)
Standard$604 Tokens = 500 000 gold4 Tokens = 660 000 gold
Game + Expansion Pass Bundle$906 Tokens = 750 000 gold6 Tokens = 990 000 gold
Digital Deluxe$1007 Tokens = 875 000 gold7 Tokens = 1 155 000 gold

WoW token is an item in World of Warcraft. You can acquire it with real money from the in-game shop, or buy it for gold from the auction house. The price is stable and stands at $20, while the in-game gold price fluctuates and changes with supply and demand. Once you buy it from the auction house, you can use it for a single month of subscription or exchange it for $15 of BNet balance. You can buy any digital product on using this balance.

The news about Destiny 2 coming out on BNet raised the price of gold on all servers. The second peak was when it became available on BNet for the first time. If you are planing to get it by spending WoW gold, think about doing so before the first week of beta access, at the end of August. You can also expect to see the price rise as we get close to launch.

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