GTA Online Pumpkin Locations Map, All 200 Jack-O'-Lanterns (Halloween 2023)

Don’t know where to find all GTA Online pumpkin locations during the Halloween 2023 event? The third week of the GTA Online Halloween 2023 event is now live, and players can hunt for GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns to unlock the Horror Pumpkin Mask. These GTA Online Jack O’ Lanterns are scattered across Los Santos and Blaine County, and there are 200 of them to find. In our guide, we explain where to find all 200 GTA Online pumpkins during the Halloween 2023 event with the Jack O’ Lantern locations map.

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GTA Online Pumpkin Locations, Find All 200 Jack O Lanterns
Halloween 2023 GTA Online Pumpkin Locations Map

October 26th UPDATE: If you’re looking for Jack O’ Lanterns in GTA Online Halloween 2023, you’re in luck! We’ve found out that the locations are the same as last year’s event, so you can use our GTA Online Jack O Lanterns map and guide below to help you find them. But remember, only 10 Pumpkins will spawn each day, and they will be randomly chosen from the 200 locations we’ve listed. So get ready for some spooky fun and start your Jack O’ Lanterns search in GTA Online Halloween 2023!

Where to Find all 200 GTA Online Jack O’ Lantern Pumpkin Locations in GTA Online Halloween 2023

GTA Online’s Halloween 2023 event is in full swing, with a second week of spooky activities, rewards, and modes. And what’s Halloween without some pumpkins? GTA Online Pumpkins, or Jack O’ Lanterns, are the “Halloween Tricks or Treats Collectables” that you can find and collect in the game. You can try an grab these pumpkins while hunting ghost around the map!

Southern San Andreas is experiencing a strange event this Halloween 2023, as 200 Jack O’ Lanterns have appeared across Los Santos and Blaine County. If you want to earn the Horror Pumpkin mask and a GTA$50K bonus every day, you just have to find and collect ten of these creepy pumpkins. To make your search easier, we have created a list of all 200 GTA Online Jack O’ Lantern locations that you can use during the GTA Online Halloween 2023 event. All images courtesy of GTALens‘ Interactive GTA Online Map.

GTA Online All Jack O’ Lantern Locations Map Halloween 2023

Los Santos Pumpkin Locations Map Halloween 2023

  • Chamberlain Hills (Number of Pumpkins: 6)
  • Richard Majestic (1)
  • Del Perro (2)
  • Pacific Bluffs (5)
  • Richman (8)
  • Vinewood Hills (34)
  • GWC & Golfing Society (1)
  • Rockford Hills (4)
  • West Vinewood (10)
  • Burton (1)
  • Hawick (1)
  • Mirror Park (8)
  • Downtown Vinewood (2)
  • Grand Senora Desert (2)
  • Richman Glen (1)
  • Banham Canyon (3)
  • Chumash (3)
  • Tongva Hills (2)
  • Great Chaparral (4)
  • Redwood Lights Track (2)
  • Murrietta Heights (2)
  • El Burro Heights (9)
  • Rancho (9)
  • Davis (4)
  • Harmony (2)
  • Strawberry (1)
  • La Mesa (2)
  • Mission Row (5)
  • Pillbox Hill (5)
  • Downtown (1)
  • Little Seoul (2)
  • Vespucci Canals (8)
  • Vespucci Beach (3)
  • Del Perro Beach (5)

Blaine County Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern Locations Map Halloween 2023

  • Mount Chiliad (2)
  • Cape Catfish (1)
  • Mount Gordo (1)
  • Zancudo River (2)
  • Grand Senora Desert (9)
  • Stab City (2)
  • Sandy Shores (11)
  • Paleto Bay (9)
  • Paleto Forest (1)
  • San Chianski M.R. (1)
  • Grapeseed (5)
  • Galilee (1)
  • Alamo Sea (1)
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