MultiVersus Candy, How to Get & Use

There are many things that October is known for, but by far the most fun of these is – Halloween. This marvelous holiday is often integrated into online games as well, with various events to celebrate it. As such, it should come as no surprise that the online battling game MultiVersus is also getting in on this Halloween-express, with an appropriately spooky event of its own. And, of course, during this event, you will be able to earn Candy, which you can then use to great goodies in the game. Here’s how to get and use Candy in MultiVersus.

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MultiVersus Candy, How to Get & Use
MultiVersus Candy, How to Get & Use

How to Get and Use Candy in MultiVersus

Very appropriately for a Halloween-themed event, Candy is a new currency that you can acquire in MultiVersus. To get it, all you need to do is to play matches. Of course, there are a couple of rules here that will let you maximize your Candy earnings. You will gain more Candy if you win a match than if you lose it, and you will gain double the amount of Candy if you win (or lose) while you are wearing a costume. You get 10 Candy if you lose, 20 if you win, 20 if you lose while you are wearing a costume, 40 if you win while you are wearing a costume, 40 if you lose while playing doubles and both players are wearing a costume, and 60 if you win a game of doubles while both players are wearing a costume.

There are several costumes you can get during this event. Some of these can be purchased with Candy, while others cost Gleamium. These are: Mummy Reindog (3.000 Candy), Calico Cake (12.000 Candy), Vampire Tom & Jerry (800 Gleamium), Frankenstein Iron Giant (1.500 Gleamium), Witch Velma (1.500 Gleamium), Black Lantern Superman (2.000 Gleamium), and Black Lantern Wonder Woman (2.000 Gleamium). Additionally, you can also get a profile icon for 150 Candy, and an emote for 500 Candy. And if you do not want it, you can trade your extra Candy for Gold. You get 10 Gold for 500 Candy.

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