Multi-Story 50-Car Garage GTA Online Drug Wars (2023)

Not sure how to get the new Multi-Story 50-Car Garage in the GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars DLC? The GTA Online Winter 2022 update has arrived! And it comes with a brand new story revolving around drug empires, rich hipsters and angry bikers. And it also comes with quite a few new vehicles. In order to store all these new cars you are planning on buying, you’ll probably need a bigger garage. Luckily, the new update also comes with a huge Multi-Story 50-Car Garage. Apparently, this new garage has around 50 new vehicle slots! This guide explains where to find the new garage in the GTA Online Drug Wars DLC.

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Multi-Story Garage GTA Online Drug Wars
How to Get New Multi-Story Garage in GTA Online

UPDATE: As of Thursday, January 12th, 2023, the multi-story 50-car garage is yet to be added to GTA Online. The latest update has introduced the Gun Van and the hard mode difficulty for Drug Wars missions, but the garage is still not here.

Where to Find Multi-Story 50-Car Garage in GTA Online Drug Wars

Let’s not beat around the bush here. At the time of writing, it is not yet clear how to obtain this new garage. The garage was never officially announced. Rather, it has been datamined by a reputable leaker, who claimed that the Winter update would come with a garage containing 50 new vehicle slots. This has been later corroborated by Tez2, who is one of the most prominent Rockstar Games community members. Tez2 claims that the new multi-story garage costs $2,740,000 in GTA Online. It’s quite a hefty sum, but it packs a lot of space!

We’ve already completed all six missions in the Drug Wars story content, and we still haven’t received an option to buy this Multi-Story Garage in GTA Online Drug Wars. Nonetheless, we will continue to play with the new content and search for a new garage. And when we finally find it, we will make sure to immediately update the article. If you know how to find the new garage, share the info with us in the comments section!

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