GTA Podium Car May 26th Übermacht Revolter

Want to know what is the GTA Online podium car this week? We’ve got you covered! Vehicles in GTA Online are rather expensive, but if you’re lucky enough, you can spin the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel for a chance to win a fancy ride at a heavy discount or even completely free. The GTA podium vehicle this week is the Übermacht Revolter and here’s everything you need to know about it.

GTA Online Podium Vehicle This Week is the Übermacht Revolter

What is the GTA Online podium car this week?

The GTA Online podium car for this week is the Übermacht Revolter. You can win the GTA Online podium car by spinning the Diamond Casino’s Lucky Wheel. You can try your luck once per day during the next seven days until the vehicle on the podium resets next Thursday. Essentially, each week you have 7 chances to win this car. If you own a Penthouse, spinning is completely free of charge. Otherwise, it will cost you $500 per spin. There are 20 items on the Wheel. Thus, each time you have a one in 20 chance to win the podium vehicle. Chances are the same for a car discount or a mystery prize. Other rewards are RP, clothes, chips, and cash. The Übermacht Revolter is a luxury 4-door sports sedan, added in December 2018 during the Revolter Week event, as a part of The Doomsday Heist update. The vehicle’s regular price is $1,610,000.

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How to win the Podium Car in GTA Online

Spinning the Lucky Wheel is basically a game of chance, but there are some methods of abusing this. Some players abuse an option to immediately quit the game when they see that the result is not what they wanted. You can do this both on consoles and PC. Apparently, this will allow you to infinitely spin the wheel. Until you get what you want. But it will require you to constantly turn the game off and on, so you’ll need patience. Though, we’ve never tested this method, so we can not guarantee it.

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