GTA Online Weekly Update May 26 Rewards, Discounts & More

Among many other things, GTA Online owes its longevity to the constant stream of new content and regular updates. Rockstar Games make sure to always keep the game fresh and exciting with weekly updates. This not only means new gameplay features but also numerous cosmetics and other rewards. In this guide, we explain when is the next GTA weekly update, what are the rewards, discounts, bonuses, Podium Vehicle, and everything else you need to know.

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GTA Online Weekly Update May 12 Release Time & Rewards

GTA Online Weekly Update Release Time

This week’s GTA Online weekly update is set to arrive on Thursday, May 19th, 2022. The weekly event will kick off at 10 am CET / 9 am BST / 4 am EST / 1 am PST, and it will last for a week, until the next weekly update. When the update launches, players will need to download a small patch before being able to play GTA Online again.

GTA 5 Online Weekly Update Patch Notes May 19

GTA$ and RP Activities

  • 4x GTA$ & RP on
    • Special Vehicle Races
    • Land Races
  • 2x GTA$ & RP on
    • Kart Krash
    • Truck Off
    • The Vespucci Job
    • Bunker, Missile Base and Adversary Modes

GTA Online Discounts This Week

Save 50% on:
  • MC Biker Supplies)
Save 40% on:
  • Blazer Aqua ($1,053,360 – $792,000)
  • Blazer Aqua ($1,053,360 – $792,000)
  • Casco ($542,640 – $408,000)
  • Deveste Eight ($1,077,000)
  • Ramp Buggy ($1,915,200 – $1,440,000)
  • Itali RSX ($2,079,000 – $1,559,250)
  • Phantom Wedge ($1,532,160 – $1,152,000)
Save 30% on:
  • MC Businesses
  • Vehicle Warehouses
  • Special Cargo Warehouses
  • Caracara ($1,242,500)
  • Granger 3600LX ($966,000 – $724,500)
  • Turreted Limo ($1,155,000)
  • Vamos ($417,200)

LS Car Meet Test Track Cars

  • Dinka Jester RR
  • Declasse Vamos
  • Vulcar Fagaloa

GTA Online Prize Ride Challenge This Week

Complete the “Place Top 5 for 2 days in row” challenge to receive the Bravado Youga Classic, priced at $195,000.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Podium Vehicle This Week

The Übermacht Revolter, worth $1,610,000, is this week’s potential reward at The Diamond Casino & Resort, for those players feeling lucky enough to spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby.

Premium Test Ride Vehicle This Week

Hao’s Premium Test Ride vehicle this week for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players is the  Sentinel XS.

Time Trials This Week in GTA Online

  • Hao’s Special Works Time Trial – HSW: Sandy Shores – Sandy Shores – 02:23:20 – GTA$ 250k
  • Main Time Trial – Calafia Way – Zancudo River – 01:24:40 – GTA$ 100k
  • RC Bandito Time Trial – Davis Quartz – Davis Quartz – 01:32:00 – GTA$ 100k
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