GW2 Story Achievements in Act 1 Path of Fire

In the first act of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, there are four story missions and fifteen achievements. Complete them all, and you’ll gain forty-four points and the ascended amulet First Spear’s Icon (power, precision, healing power, condition damage). Some of them are really easy to miss – that’s why we’ve made this Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Act 1 story journal achievements guide, to show you how to unlock each one.

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GW2 Path of Fire Act 1 Story Journal Achievement Guide

Sparking the Flame Mission Achievements

This is the first mission in the expansion. It will reward you with one achievement point and one stash of Kournan Coins upon completion.

No Deductible

  • Description: Make it to the Crystal Desert without crashing Kiel’s Airship
  • Reward: One point
  • Guide: You’ll get this one automatically as you approach the first pyramid, when you get the objective to Lead the Lionguard toward the pyramid, right after the cutscene.

Hammer and Tongs

  • Description: Survive your encounter with the Herald of Balthazar without succumbing to her Herald’s Doom attack.
  • Reward: Two points
  • Guide: Herald of Balthazar comes as soon as you defeat the Forged attackers, right at the start. Her Doom attack is a large frontal hammer cleave. Be sure to dodge behind the Herald if you are close when the attack comes, or you’ll get caught up in it.

Fireproof Heart

  • Description: Rescue the poeple of Seeker’s Village without taking burning damage.
  • Reward: Two points
  • Guide: At one point in the story mission, you’ll have to complete the first PoF heart: “Help Aksim care for and train raptors”. The first Mate Fidus Foecrush will give you a fire extinguisher to help you out. Just be sure not to step into the fire. To make it easier, keep reviving the fallen villagers as well.

Blazing a Trail Story Achievements

Blazing a Trail mission also has a Mastery Point in its reward pool. It has a single achievement.

Undead Bouncer

  • Description: Save all of Zalambur’s guests from being harmed by Awakened attackers.
  • Reward: Two points
  • Guide: This step is at the start of the mission. You should avoid damaging Archon Ibery as he does not harm anyone, and focus your attacks on his forces. As the casino is rather large and the forces are scattered around, be sure to engage them as soon as possible, drop some healing spells for the guests, and eventually team up with more people if you find it too hard.

Night of Fires Achievements

Night of Fires has three achievements. They are somewhat harder than the previous ones, and one of them even rewards you with a miniature.

Leave None Alive

  • Description: Defeat every enemy in the Forged camps, not including reinforcements.
  • Reward: Two points
  • Guide: It is easy to miss some of them as you approach the camp’s center. The trick is to avoid killing all the Forged Officers before you’re done with the other enemies. If you kill them, it will trigger the next story step, and they will run away. Killing all sentries is also mandatory.

Lurking among the Flames

  • Description: Get through the Forged camps without the sentries setting off any alarms.
  • Reward: Two points
  • Guide: This doesn’t mean you can just walk by them without being noticed, as it is impossible at some point. You’ll just have to kill them before they reach the alarm and set it off. We had a problems when we pulled one of the Forged Officers that was patrolling the area, and he immediately alarmed one sentry as he was linked to him, despite us being a bit further away from the sentry.

Shield of Kormir

  • Description: Save all twenty of the Elonian refugees from the Herald of Balthazar.
  • Reward: Three points and Mini Shadows Agent Kito miniature.
  • Guide: Once you’re in the temple, you’ll face the Herald of Balthazar. Once you get her down to around 80% HP, she will go toward the refugees and start doing her frontal cleave, the one we had already seen in the first mission. At this point, you’ll get a new bar above your action one. If you click on it, it will instruct the refugees to evade the Herald’s attacks. They will basically come to you. Since the Herald likes to do this attack often, you’ll need to move them out of trouble more than once. Just to be sure, you can always call them out in the corners of the room, while the Herald is fighting the others.

The Sacrifice Story Journal Achievements

The Sacrifice Story mission is the last one in the chapter. It will take you on a journey to the next map as well, awarding you with an interesting item and one more miniature.

Damage Control

  • Description: Destroy the Forged catapults attacking Diviner’s Reach.
  • Reward: One point
  • Guide: This is an optional objective. You can find the four catapults scattered around the marked quest area (two to the southwest, two to the northeast), before you head toward the hill and continue with the mission.

Elite Elimination

  • Description: Defeat the three elite patrol groups wandering the Salt Flats within 3 minutes of leaving the outpost.
  • Reward: Three points
  • Guide: This is yet another optional objective. The three elite patrol groups are lead by an Elite Forged Officer, an Elite Forged Cannonade and an Elite Forged Vanguard. You can spot them from the distance by the green skulls above their heads. The common mistake here is to go for another optional objective and rescue 10 Nomads. It’s not easy to accomplish within the given 3 minutes, and you’ll need to rush them all down.

Down in Flames

  • Description: Defeat the Herald of Balthazar without taking damage from her Flame Wall.
  • Reward: Two points and Mini Herald miniature.
  • Guide: The new Herald’s skill is not that hard to avoid. It will usually come after the large frontal cleave attack. The Herald will announce this new attack with a long ground telegraph. Be sure to stand to the right of it, or behind the Herald, as the Flame Wall moves counterclockwise.

Vlast from the Past

  • Description: Collect all Vlasts’s scattered crystals.
  • Reward: Five points and Memories of Vlast item.
  • Guide: The final one can be done on the next map – Desert Highlands. Be sure to complete the story objective: “Purchase a springer saddle from Unja after helping out of Highjump Ranch” first, as you’ll need the help of this mount and its high jump. This is an optional step, and if you decide to complete it, you’ll get the achievement and Memories of Vlast, an item you can double click to listen to the final message from Vlast.
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