Snowmen Locations Map GTA Online, Destroy All 25 Snowmen

Not sure where to find all Snowmen in Christmas 2022 update? We’ve got you covered with our GTA Online Snowmen Locations Map! The GTA Online winter update is here, and it comes with a new story, returning characters, new gameplay elements, missions, and much more. If you are struggling to find these new collectables, read on. This guide explains where to find every Snowman during the Winter 2022 update with a map of all Snowmen locations. Destroy All 25 snowmen and get “The Snowman” outfit.

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GTA Online Snowmen Locations Map, Destroy All 25 Snowmen
GTA Online The Snowman Outfit (Image credit: WildBrick142 via Twitter)

Where to Find All 25 Snowmen in GTA Online Winter 2022 Update

The eagerly awaited GTA Online Winter 2022 update is finally here! Called Los Santos Drug Wars, this update brings a brand new story featuring Nervous Ron, some wealthy hippies, “trigger-happy bikers”, and a lot of hallucinogenics. Of course, aside from a new story, there’s also a myriad of gameplay additions, including new missions, cars, weapons, features, and a new collectible – Snowman!

The developers at Rockstar love their collectibles, and they wouldn’t miss a chance to add a new one for the Festive Surprise update. These Snowmen collectibles are scattered all over Los Santos and Blaine County. And it’s up to you to find them all and earn lucrative rewards. Namely, if you destroy all 25 Snowmen, you’ll get “The Snowman” outfit! However, if finding every GTA Online Snowman seems daunting, don’t worry! Below, you’ll find a map with all Snowman locations in GTA Online Winter 2022 update. Thus, without further ado, check out the maps below. All images courtesy of GTALens‘ Interactive GTA Online Map (Click to Enlarge):

All Snowmen Locations Map GTA Online Winter 2022 Update

Keep in mind that, in the spirit of GTA, we don’t build Snowmen here – we destroy them! Thus, when you find a Snowman, you’ll need to run them over with a vehicle or blow them up with a grenade, for example. Finally, it should be noted that there are currently reports of a bug where occasionally destroying a snowman won’t register. If this happens to you, you must leave the area and return later when the Snowman respawns. With that said, our “GTA Online Snowmen Locations Map” guide is completed!

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  1. D

    This map is incomplete. There’s only 24 dots instead of 25.

    1. Nope, there are 25 dots. You missed one 😀

      1. J

        Either you need to count again or one dot is invisible

        1. There are 14 dots on the Los Santos map and 11 on the Blaine County map. Check carefully, and you will see them all. I’m not sure which one you don’t see 😀

        2. A

          You’re probably missing the one by the light house

  2. R

    Do they respawn if a cop hits it and it don’t count

  3. H

    So Ive collected all of the snowmen, however, it says I onky have 24 of them. I kept looking for the one I missed, but I cant find it. Ive gone through the WHOLE list about 2 or 3 times, any ideas if what to do now?

  4. D

    Hello so i by accident shot one of the snowmen with my firework launcher and it didnt say that i had blown up a snow man. Do the snowmen respaw or how do i else complete the missin?

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