Unlock Hangar Doors GTA 5 Online

The Contract is the latest DLC expansion for GTA Online. During the course of this new storyline, you will get to meet up with several familiar faces from previous GTA titles. And, you will, of course, also play through new missions that feature the staples of GTA – lots of action, cars, and guns. One of these missions requires that you find a way to unlock hangar doors. This is part of a mission that has you visit the Los Santos International Airport Hangar to recover a stolen vehicle from an airplane there. Once you have done that, you will then have to open the hangar doors. But this is easier said than done, since the button that opens them can be tricky to find. In this Unlock Hangar Doors GTA 5 Online guide, we will tell you where it is.

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Unlock Hangar Doors GTA 5 Online

How to Unlock Hangar Doors GTA 5 Online

During this particular mission, you will make your way to the Los Santos International Airport Hangar. The reason why you have gone to this location is because you are looking for a stolen bike there. It can be found in the back of an airplane that is in the hangar. After finding it, you now need to open the huge hangar doors. Now, it’s quite possible that this mission is similar to the Tequi La La safe combination, which can spawn in several places there. However, so far, we have only found the button that unlocks these doors in one place in the hangar.

The button you are looking for is located on the north end of the hangar. It is on a pillar there, right from the staircase and left from the two covered up cars. Approach it and a small arrow will appear above it, indicating where it is. you can now press it.

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