GTA 5 Mission 25 - Did Somebody Say Yoga

GTA 5 Mission 25 – Did Somebody Say Yoga? Gold Medal Objectives

Mission TimeFinish mission under 15:00 minutes
WarriorComplete the first yoga pose without fault
TriangleComplete the second yoga pose without fault
Praise the Sun!Complete the third yoga pose without fault
CompletionGold 100%

gta 5 mission 25GTA 5 Yoga Mission 25 is one of the rare missions without shooting, or vehicle chasing.
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Its title describes it the best way. It is available after you complete the mission “Dead Man Walking”. In order to finish the gold completion task “Mission Time” you should skip a couple of cut scenes. Is it worth it? You decide…

Take a deep breath at three different poses

There are three different yoga poses that represent three different completion tasks. Before achieving a pose instructed by the yoga instructor, take a deep breath. Keep in mind that if you lose your pose, the current pose task will fail. It is a rather easy tasks, don’t you agree?

Drive Jimmy to Burger Shot

gta 5 did somebody say yogaIt is time for father/son bonding. Burger Shot is just few streets away, south of Michael’s safe house. Keep in mind that the mission is time limited.

Go back to Michael’s House

gta 5 mission 25 yogaThe end of this objective is one of the funniest moments in this mission. Michael switches to the role of Superman. There is amazing background music. You have to accomplish “Mission Time” task, so you should cut it short and reach Michael’s house quickly.
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