Rockstar Social Club Email Not Sending, Recaptcha Not Working

Ever since GTA 5 has been released on the Epic Games Store for free yesterday, things have not been working. First it was the EGS servers, getting hammered by thirsty players, and now it’s the Rockstar Social Club. You’d think if anyone was ready to handle a lot of traffic, it would be these two. Now a lot of players are complaining about the Rockstar Social Club verifaction email not sending, as well as the recaptcha not working. This guide will help you deal with both of those issues.

rockstar social club verification mail not sending
GTA 5 Rockstar Social Club Verification Email Not Sending

GTA 5 social club verification mail not sending

A lot of people are having an issue with the social club activation mail not sending. Even after pressing the “resend” button several times, they aren’t getting their verification mail. You could try doing it via the website instead of the launcher. Apart from that, there’s nothing you can do about this – you’ll just have to wait this one out. We received ours after 45 minutes of waiting, so your best bet would be to leave the thing alone and give it a day or so. You’ve already claimed the game for free, and it’s not going anywhere. On our another account we are still waiting for verification mail – 4 hours later!

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Social club recaptcha not working

The other widespread issue is with the infamous recaptcha humanity test. A number of players have reported that no matter how carefully they choose their answers, the results always end up wrong. This one requires both patience and persistence. Just keep trying until you get a lucky break and manage to convince the robot you’re human after all. It might take you a dozen clicking sessions before you’re finally through, so just keep at it.

Both of these issues are almost certainly down to the insane amount of people trying to get through, so just give it some time.

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  1. P

    Muchas gracias por informar acerca del problema. En mi caso, me tocó la verificación del mail. Desde ya gracias y un saludo de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  2. S

    yeah mine is not working also i have wasted too much time for the download and now this is happening

    1. J

      Exactly i waste 30 min on download, and fking 1 hour on captcha is just stop because its not even work

      1. B

        wow, a whole 30 min huh. still better than i did….(10 hours)

        1. S

          wow a whole 30 min i did it in 15 by just copying my social club copy to the launcher and went right into playing it accidentally linking my dummy account that had no gta on it so i didn’t have to verify

      2. G

        I want to have your connection, I left mine the whole day and night downloading

      3. A

        Bruh you think 30 mins of downloading is bad? Mine took over 14 hours to download.

      4. A
        Anindya Zarbade

        bro with 19 mbps download speed that would be possible, for that you need at least a 1.5 gbps connection, hell, you using nasa network or what

        1. A

          dumbass, fiber internet can reach speeds up to 2GB/s without being NASA

        2. W

          I got 200mbps and my actuall download speed was 25mbps and yeah dont have access to nasa network tho
          @Anidya Zarbade

      5. E

        It took 2 days for me

  3. J

    I already broke one of my monitors because i already tried 1 hour the rockstar captha and when its done its not valid !

    1. N

      as i thought so im not the only one here, I’m not a cry baby but the captcha my god i wanted to drip some tears, I spent whole fucking night installing reintalling and when its finally done this fucking bitch captcha won’t let me through. AI is really bulshit crap crap crap.

  4. J

    I got a hardware ban because I tried the f*ckin chaptcha for half an hour

    1. V

      Not able to verify myself, Google thinks I’m a bad person who tries to hack.
      Sending the verification mail via the website also doesn’t seem to work for me.
      Hope isues get resolved soon

    2. J

      i tried it then after i swiched wifi then it worked

    3. J

      bruh its always wrong for no reason at all

    4. S

      So basically… you need to buy a new PC to play GTAV again XDDD

  5. P

    I m fucking the email verification from 3 hours bt it cant happen

  6. Q

    I waited about 2 hours and still no email.
    Nice servers indeed

  7. B

    once again rockstar games f*cks up. stupid f*cking captcha WILL NOT LOET ME LOG IN IJUST WANNA PLAY RED DEAD YOU F*CKING C*NTS

    1. F

      chill dude.. xD we all having the same issue.. hope they fix it soon

  8. L

    Email verification won’t send. luv u rockstar and epicgames <333333333
    f*ck off

  9. B

    yeah so i just got my email but the website dont work lmao trash

  10. F

    I finally got email to verify it and as soon I clicked verify it gaves me new error lol

  11. T

    waited for nearly 5 – 6 hours for downloading 95gb tons of craps from gta v and now this f**king shit, rockstars should have prepared for this earlier, all they have to do is sending f**kin emails, not that damn hard, i’ve been waiting for like 8 hours for EGS to be normal and now this f**kin shit, lol, hire more f**king email responding agents rockstar
    and yes i have to wait for 24 hours more for the email to be resent, f**k you rockstar u f**king suck, your recapcha bu**sh**s are f**king mentally tortures, f**k u

  12. E

    Verification email didn’t arrive after 3 hours of waiting, truly amazing servers for such a large company…

  13. M
    mike awk

    fucking complete utterly bullshit…… 12 hour download to be stuck with a handful of errors not even able to start the game up… what kinda bullshit is this?

    1. N

      my download was of 22 hours -.- wonderful 12 mb speed

  14. U

    It never sent the email to me, but luckily i was able to go to the rockstar website rather than its garbage launcher. It then worked for me, but OH MY GOD, i did the captcha corectly several times then it says “invalid or empy captcha token” fuck off rockstar, dont use captcha in a mf launcher

  15. Z

    Recaptcha not working due to “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries.” not sure how to resolve this but any help would be appreciated.
    you are some ungrateful fucks, stop complaining. The game became free, of course the servers aren’t going to work being hammered by millions of players.

    1. J

      any luck yet dude

    2. M

      Unplugged the router, let it chill for a few minutes and start it up again. If you IP allocation is dynamic, this should solve it.

      And yeah.. I am really really grateful that I was able to get this iconic game. Stop bitching and wait for them to solve the issues. The game is yours now and it will eventually start to work for everybody!

    3. M

      Maybe we are complaining for good reason Zed. This recaptcha thing has locked me out of my R* account. I am unable to play GTAV and RDR2 of which I paid for. Rightfully upset.

  16. T

    This is fucking dumb bro i just wanna play some gta but they fuck everthing up

  17. M

    I still have not received the confirmation link…Since 4 hours !

  18. S

    is there a fix for this i have been waiting for two fucking hours now

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Not at the time.

  19. J

    Tried 2 emails and neither one would get a verification link. Been waiting over an hour now.

  20. L

    To get this game, I had to install three new, useless programs on my computer (Epic Games Launcher, Rockstar Games Launcher, and Rockstar Social Club), I spent 40 minutes trying to solve the Recaptcha, I never got the verification email so I can’t set up the 2 step verification which is also required… And I’m still not playing. I wish getting games from legitimate sources meant smooth experience…no wonder people are downloading torrents.

  21. G

    No email received, every mistake, for example the username is not available it restart the captcja making it more frustrating. They should’ve been got ready for this matter because we can’t play it. Not to mention how long it took to download this game.

  22. R

    well hope they fix it soon.. wasted 5 hours on download.. and now now not getting email verificatiion… day 1 already ..

  23. G

    Good to know …

  24. R

    Pas d’accès aux jeux, pas d’accès au social club, mon compte n’est plus reconnu, je ne reçois pas le mail de réinitialisation du mot de passe.

  25. P
    pancreas thief

    whenever i try the fuckin capcha and it wont even let me do it cause it says my pc is sending out automated queries

  26. F
    Fucking hell


  27. R

    Fucking peace of shit, i am already waiting for the email for fucking 10 hours, WHAT THE SHIT

  28. M

    As I said above in a reply, stop bitching and wait for them to fix the server overload. GTA (no matter the iteration) is an iconic game and you got the 5th gen for free! Have patience!

  29. L

    diomio pensar que queria jugar con mis amigos, pero resolver el captcha es un dolor de huevos, y no me acuerdo la contraseña de mi vieja cuenta de rockstar club, el mail tampoco llega…

  30. M

    Wow! You’re foolproof solution is ‘wait for verification’ and ‘try again’. I’m so glad we have someone as helpful as yourself around to guide us in these trying times

  31. S
    Sk raj

    10 months ago i purchased GTA 5 from steam. Since then i am waiting for the verification code.

  32. A

    Gente, no se quejen mas. Les regalaron un juego y se poenen como lcoas porque no lo pueden jugar al segundo. Aguanten un poco y lo juegan. Yo estoy esperando la verificacion tambien.

  33. J

    This is just getting ridiculous. I have waited for over 7 hours. How long does it take to send an email?!?!?!?

  34. A

    esotu a 14 horas na frente do pc ja fiz de tudo , e o captcha não funciona.
    o que fazer ???????????????????????

  35. S
    swag gta

    Come on, I downloaded gta 5 on a 2 megabyte per sec download speed and now I have to wait for the verification email. It’s been almost 3 hrs. Some people are saying they got it after 7 hours. Rip.

  36. R

    Hi guys, I just got through the recaptcha. Basically I had to do the following: In the recaptchas that are of the flash type, I quickly marked all the correct alternatives and pressed the verification button. New flashes to mark appeared, as soon as each one appeared I was already clicking on the check button (until the recaptcha accepted). I managed to reproduce this more than once (since I forgot my user password). I just joined the game. Good luck!

  37. A

    My mail came after 6hrs ??

  38. I

    I thought I was only one getting frustrated. Hate reCAPHTCHA even if working. How long does it block you for? Hopefully gets fixed soon as wanted to buy a game. Stuff it may go to steam instead!

  39. A

    If you wish to play offline, there should not be a need for captcha, especially in a launcher. Just think pratical and make this a choice, when players want to play offline, no need for a captcha 🙂 What is the worst that could happen?

    I understand that this game is free and we are thankful, but if you think in pratical terms, Rockstar you could avoid a lot of unnecessary hassle 🙂

  40. K

    Is that only me or every one else having problems with login to the rockstar social club . It really sucks. Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this error???

  41. D
    Diana in Yankee Land

    I did a small combo of a couple of suggestions: used an Ingocnito page via Chrome — btw, my Chrome is outdated, using WinXP. Went directly to the Rockstar Games website to create a new account. (The info they want from you is SO MUCH LESS than what you are required to fill out via the Launcher.) Used the Audio Option for the captcha, considering the hell I went thru previously with the many, many pages of Matching Pics captcha. WENT THRU IN A SNAP!!! *sigh* And yeah, the game was HOURS to download yesterday, got the robot error message from captcha, and then trying to do it again this a.m., the message is again telling me to “try again later”. How much later??? Feh!

  42. M

    “Your computer or network may be sending automated queries.” is what i am getting and it’s also saying my password is incorrect. so now, i cant play red dead which I just bought, nor can I play gta. ok. guess it’s time to refund and uninstall and not play r* games anymore? Im not allowed anymore? Thanks recaptcha.

  43. C

    i spent 7 hours on download and ive been on captcha for almost 3 fucking hours now

  44. A

    I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd Ringo…

  45. J

    It’s truly mystifying that they’re beyond clueless on a fix or how this could get out. Something that has a huge impact on their bottom-line and yet no fix, STILL!

  46. M


    I am unable To Play Gta 5 For Pc.
    Any Solution?

  47. N
    nicolaj nielsen

    why does it take 8 f*****g hours to get a email to verify my account that is so braindead that you have to spend 10 hours on download and the same amount of time to create an account to play the game

  48. A

    How to play gta 5 on pc. I will try it but I fail and not received mail so tell me what is the issue.

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