Crusader Kings 3 Gets Early September Release Date, Story Trailer

Paradox’s highly-anticipated new game, Crusader Kings 3, has gotten a new story trailer. It’s serious and down-to-earth, explaining how the game “should” be played. All the intricacies are there – politics, back-stabbing, war, the works. The trailer also reveals the game’s release date – it’s coming out on Tuesday, September 1st, on PC. You’ll also be able to get the game via Xbox Game Pass right form launch.

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Crusader Kings 3 Gets Early September Release Date, Story Trailer
Crusader Kings 3 Gets Early September Release Date, Story Trailer

Not only do we know the release date of Crusader Kings 3, but the game is also up for pre-orders, including on the Paradox Store. There’s two editions; Standard for $50, and Royal for $75. The Royal Edition includes the expansion pass, “comprising 3 upcoming DLCs and an Expansion Pass Bonus: Fashion of the Abbasid Court.” If you pre-order any of the editions, as a bonus, you’ll get the Garments of the Holy Roman Empire. Of course, the expansion pass will be available for separate purchase for $35.

What makes me very happy, however, is that Crusader Kings 3 is going to be “tall as opposed to broad,” according to the developers (via Eurogamer). What that means is that they’re aiming to deepen the strategy formula; more importantly, however, they’re going to try and make the game less daunting to newbies. This makes me especially happy, because every time I play Crusader Kings 2, I feel like reverse Forrest Gump; I fall into the dumbest of situations, except nothing goes my way.

So, there you have it; the new entry in the famous strategy / RPG series is coming out on PC on September 1st, including via Xbox Game Pass. And, if you want to secure your copy early, you can do so via pre-order. In the meantime, you can watch the story trailer below. Mind you, it doesn’t let you in on the true fun of Crusader Kings, like kidnapping popes and poisoning your husband; that’s something that you’ll have to discover for yourself.

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