AC Valhalla Discovery Tour Flyting Correct Answers

The AC Valhalla Discovery Tour flyting correct answers basically need to meet three basic requirements. In case you haven’t played AC Valhalla proper: what you need to do is match the opponent’s rhythm, rhyme your answer with their lines, and also deliver a bit of a verbal smackdown. It’s not too difficult, and you have all the time in the world to divine the correct answers. If you’re not up to the task, or just can’t be bothered, we’ll show you the correct responses in this guide.

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ac valhalla discovery tour flyting correct answers
AC Valhalla Discovery Tour Flyting Correct Answers

AC Valhalla Discovery Tour Flyting Correct Answers

First, we’re going to cover the AC Valhalla Discovery Tour correct flyting answers in the duel between Thorsteinn and Bjorn. After all, there’s a lot at stake here – Thorsteinn has to defend his honor against the man that conspired to oust him from the community. Not to mention the fact completing this quest rewards you with a special outfit for your Eivor in the game proper. So, without further ado, here are the answers you need to give to win the flyting against Bjorn.

  • Yet the ships and the rations were hand-picked by me.
  • And Harald sought me when he already had you.
  • My worst is still better than you at your best.

While it doesn’t have the same stakes as the joust against Bjorn, you can also cross verbal swords with Torbjorn the skald. It is a much friendlier duel, as the two seem to be fond of each other, at least to a degree. Still, you want to get the correct answers in this AC Valhalla Discovery Tour flyting, right? After all, why duel if you’re not going to win? As is the case with all other flytings, you need to match the rhythm of your opponent, rhyme with his lines, and deliver a biting remark. If you’ve played flytings in the main game, you kinda know how it works already. If not, here are the proper responses.

  • A victory some of us wish were undone.
  • You said it yourself, I’ve no need to impress.
  • Beware that such insults aren’t those I take lightly.

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