Gravity Rush 2 Boss Fights - How to defeat all bosses

Boss fights in Gravity Rush 2 are battles against especially strong enemies, that take place at the end of each chapter. Each one of them has a particular style – defeating them is all about countering their tactics. You must devise a strategy for each boss individually, and every one will probably require some practice. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Gravity Rush 2 boss fights, how to complete them.

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gravity rush 2 boss fights
Gravity Rush 2 Boss Battles

Boss battles in Gravity Rush 2

There are 18 different boss battles in the game, although some bosses appear more than once, like Kali Angel. Most of the battles come down to using the appropriate skills and discovering the weak points of a boss. They’re glaringly obvious more often than not. Don’t be too aggressive, and keep on your toes. Keep an eye on your health, and use the green crystals to heal if you need to. You can see all the fights in the video below, listed as they appear:

Here are the timestamps for each fight:

  1. Giant Nevi – 00:00
  2. Raven / Night Gale – 02:32
  3. Eliminator – 05:57
  4. Giant Nevi – 07:48
  5. Eliminator 1 & 2 – 10:00
  6. Lost City – 14:00
  7. Gravity Engine – 21:47
  8. Delta 1 & Delta 2 Rebel Pair – 28:01
  9. Kali Angel – 31:39
  10. Kali Angel – 36:12
  11. Kali Angel & Durga Angel – 39:40
  12. Mysterious Woman – 42:52
  13. Mysterious Woman – 45:35
  14. Mysterious Woman – 48:08
  15. Kali Angel & Durga Angel (Time Nova) – 49:55
  16. Permet, Yunica & Kali Angel – 55:40
  17. Kali Angel – 01:01:19
  18. Mutated Kali – 01:03:24

The video also includes cutscenes that play out before the fights, so you can watch it even if you’re not playing the game. Be warned, though: the final boss looks like something out of a horror film. It’s quite unnerving, and doesn’t really fit the game visually. In case you don’t have the stomach for it, you can find the ending in the video above as well, so you can skip fighting Mutated Kali altogether.

If you have good tips on dealing with any particular boss, feel free to share them in the comments.