Gravity Rush 2

gravity rush 2 live action trailer

Gravity Rush 2 Live Action Trailer Released

Gravity Rush 2, the upcoming action adventure game where you shift gravity to solve puzzles, has a new trailer. The live action video features two sisters living with their cat, who one day learns it can change the direction of gravitational pull. You can guess how things turn out. The trailer opens with one of…


gravity rush 2 final boss ending

Gravity Rush 2 Final Boss & Ending

The final boss in Gravity Rush 2 is a mutated version of Kali. After the protagonists defeat her sister, she looses control and starts morphing….

Gravity Rush 2 - How To Fast Travel

Gravity Rush 2 – How To Fast Travel

Gravity Rush 2 features a vast world for you to explore. You can get about using Kat’s gravity controlling abilities, but there’s a better and…

Gravity Rush 2 - How to Get & Farm Precious Gems

Gravity Rush 2 Precious Gems

Precious Gems in Gravity Rush 2 are items you have to collect to buy upgrades for Kat, such as Gravity Kick, Stasis Field, and more….

gravity rush 2 boss fights

Gravity Rush 2 Boss Fights

Boss fights in Gravity Rush 2 are battles against especially strong enemies, that take place at the end of each chapter. Each one of them…

Gravity Rush 2 ARCHIVE

gravity rush 2 costumes

Gravity Rush 2 Costumes

Gravity Rush 2 Costumes are outfits Kat can wear to change her appearance. They have no effect on the gameplay – they only influence the…

Gravity Rush 2 Review Round-Up

Gravity Rush 2 Review Round-Up

Gravity Rush 2 is a action-adventure game developed by by SIE Japan Studio and Project Siren and will be published by Sony for the PlayStation…

gravity rush the animation overture

Gravity Rush Anime Released

Sony have released a short anime about Gravity Rush. Its full name is Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture, and it’s supposed to connect the…