Gravity Rush 2 - How to Get & Farm Precious Gems

Precious Gems in Gravity Rush 2 are items you have to collect to buy upgrades for Kat, such as Gravity Kick, Stasis Field, and more. This item is pretty easy to come by, but it’s difficult to find a lot of them in one place. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get and farm precious gems.

Gravity Rush 2 - How to Get & Farm Precious Gems
Gravity Rush 2 – How to Get & Farm Precious Gems

How to Get Precious Gems in Gravity Rush 2

Fortunately, Precious Gems aren’t a problem to acquire in the game. They’re just scattered around. You’ll be able to get them very early in the game. Not long after the beginning of the game, you’ll get your Gravity Powers back. Once you do, your next goal will be to mine Gravity Ore. Ore deposits are all over Gravity Storm, so go exploring!

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When you find a deposit, use your kicks and punches to destroy them, and they’ll drop the Precious Gems. Collect them and upgrade Kat’s abilities to your heart’s content.

Gravity Rush 2 Farming Precious Gems

Like we’ve said before, it’s not easy to find Gems in large amounts at once. Luckily, there is a way to farm them and level up faster. The best way to do so is to take on Mining Expeditions. Go talk to Misai on the Banga Mining Boat. He’ll offer you various different mining areas you can choose to go to.

The trick now is to find the mining areas with the biggest amount of Gravity Ore. How do you do that? Pay attention to the Current Mining Population stat on the right of each Mining Site. The second important stat is Gravity Concentration. The higher these stats, the more that Mining site is worth your time. Your best bet is to head over to any mining location that has a Mining population of 100 and over. These will net you more Precious Gems and maybe some extra Talismans to sweeten the deal

That’s about it as far as collecting and farming Precious Gems goes. Have fun buying new upgrades!

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