Gravity Rush 2 Final Boss & Ending Cutscene - How to beat Mutated Kali

The final boss in Gravity Rush 2 is a mutated version of Kali. After the protagonists defeat her sister, she looses control and starts morphing. She turns into an immobile abomination with a dozen appendages and several grimacing faces. She’s absorbing anything that comes into range and using it to expand. Stopping her won’t be easy. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to beat Gravity Rush 2 final boss, and show you the ending cutscene, in case you don’t want to play through the battle.

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gravity rush 2 final boss ending
Gravity Rush 2 Final Boss

How to beat Mutated Kali

The battle is actually pretty straightforward. The problem is that the boss can do a lot of damage, and it might not be obvious what you’re supposed to do at first. When the fight starts, go for the eyes. Start plucking the eyes off the faces – they are Mutant Kali’s weak spots. She’ll try to get you with her tentacles and hands. As long as you avoid those while going from one face to another, you’re golden.

Raven is going to be helping you all the while, but she can be grabbed as well. If she does end up in a stranglehold – don’t worry, you won’t need to rescue her. She won’t die, but she’ll be out of comission, leaving you to fight alone. You should also keep an eye on debris, which Kali can throw your way. Once you’ve depleted her health all the way, she’ll heal up. The second phase is pretty much the same as the first one. You can heal up using the crystals on top of the building she’s occupying.

When you drain her health the second time, the ending cutscene will start. If you want to watch it, play the video above and jump to the 8:35 mark. It’s really short, but it gives a nice conclusion to the story.