Mass Effect Omni-Blade Replica Weapon for Cosplay Purposes

The Omni-Blade replica for cosplay purposes is something that every cosplayer would love to have. Combine this with the RC Nomad ND1, and you are set to go. This replica weapon is made out of K-Resin. It has an adjustable strap and locking mechanism to secure the blade to your hand.

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Mass Effect Omni Tool Replica Weapon
Omni-Blade Replica Weapon

You can find the all the information regarding this cosplay piece on the BioWare store.

This type of melee weapon didn’t exist in the first two Mass Effect games. You’re able to use it in the third one, where it offered a different combat approach. With its increased popularity, you’ll be able to use it in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The Omni-Blade is a starting melee weapon ME: Andromeda. It is not the only melee weapon, either. You can expect to not only find, but to craft and rename more melee weapons.

By the looks of the weapon’s screenshots, you can retract and extend the blade of the weapon. Although it’s not made out of materials that aren’t too sharpened, you should be careful to a certain degree. It looks rather vicious.

Omni-Blade Weapon Replica Mass Effect
Extended Omni-Blade

This is a pre-sale item. The current estimated date when the orders will be shipped is February 20, 2017, but it can change. The price for this piece is $ 60.00. The dimensions of the blade are: L35 x W17.6 x H10.2cm. It looks quite deadly, and it shouldn’t be tested on others. At least not without camera to record it, and the link provided.

This is not the only item you can give your hard-earned money for. The most famous one is the RC Nomad ND1. This replica of the in-game vehicle comes in the Collector’s edition.

Even with the Omni-Blade and RC Nomad ND1 bought, you still won’t have a game, as it is not part of any of these deals. The game comes with the Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe Edition.

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