A800 Ferrari F40 Tune Swamplands Speed Trap, Forza Horizon 5

A new season in Forza Horizon 5 is upon us. As usual, this means that many new challenges have been added to the game. One of these is the Swamplands Speed Trap challenge. It requires that you reach a speed of 238.2 KM/H (or 148 MPH) in a particular speed trap, all while driving the A800 Ferrari F40. This Challenge is difficult for several reasons, all of which we’ll get into in our comprehensive A800 Ferrari F40 Tune Swamplands Speed Trap, Forza Horizon 5 guide.

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A800 Ferrari F40 Tune Swamplands Speed Trap, Forza Horizon 5

How to Complete the Swamplands Speed Trap Challenge in FH5

First things first, you will need the appropriate car model for this Challenge. Namely, the F40 1987 Ferrari. Unfortunately, the Ferrari F40 from the Barn Find isn’t applicable for this, and you will have to purchase the F40 1987 Ferrari from the Autoshow. The car itself is very expensive, and will set you back 1,200,000 CR. After that, you need to then tune the car to A800. There are several tune setups that you can find and use online for this (by going into the “Find Tuning Setups” section in the “Upgrades” tab and then entering the code in the “Share Code” option). However, we have found that there is no need for an overly specific tune such as that, and that the most important thing, after getting it to A800, is the driving strategy itself.

The first couple of tries where we tried to release the acceleration and brake at the curves ended in failure, because we just couldn’t reach enough speed. The F40 1987 Ferrari is a very hard-to-handle car, especially at high speeds needed to complete this. We finally managed to complete the Swamplands Speed Trap challenge when we gave up on braking altogether and simply powered through the entire section without trying to break once – while at top speed. So, even if your first instinct is that you need to slow down at certain spots here, you actually need to accelerate and drive as fast as you can. It will probably take a couple of tries until you get this right, but it’s definitely doable.

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