Adopt Me Snow Weather Update Release Time Countdown & New Pets

Adopt Me is easily one of – if not THE most popular Roblox games of all time. Like most other enduring games of its kind, it owes much of its success to frequent updates. These updates add a bunch of new content – such as features and pets – into the game. The result is that the game always feels fresh and exciting to play. The newest Adopt Me update has plenty of changes, from a whole new weather type, to new critters to adopt. We’ll cover all of these changes and additions in our Adopt Me Snow Weather Update Release Time Countdown & New Pets guide.

Adopt Me Snow Weather Update Release Time Countdown & New Pets

When is the New Adopt Me Snow Weather Update Coming Out?

The latest Adopt Me update is scheduled for Thursday, May 12th, 2022. It is scheduled to go live at 5 PM GMT+2. You can see the exact time when the update will release for your timezone and region by going to this web page. This link has the countdown timer, so you will be able to easily tell when it’s going to release. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the update is going to be postponed for some reason or another. If that does end up happening, the best place to see why this has happened is the official Adopt Me Twitter page.

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Adopt Me Snow Weather Update New Pets

Besides the new Snow Weather system in the game, this update is also going to give us new pets. Two new pets, to be precise. These are: the Albatross and the Ribbon Seal. The Albatross is available in three versions: Normal, Gold, and Diamond Albatross. Apart from these, there are also new accessories, including the Snowmobile Stroller, Tundra Exploration Machine, and the Tundra Violin. You can get all of these in the Igloo shop in the game.

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