AFK Arena Dream Store Best Heroes and Items

The Dream Store is a special store that is available to players that have participated in the Nightmare Corridor event and earned Dream Tokens via special missions. These Dream Tokens can then be exchanged in the Dream Store for Heroes and items. Naturally, this raises a lot of questions, such as – how many Dream Coins can you get, and what you should then spend these on. In this guide, we are going to list out all the best Heroes and items in the AFK Arena Dream Store according to their priority and power, and also explain everything you need to know about how this entire system works.

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AFK Arena Dream Store Best Heroes and Items
AFK Arena Dream Store Best Heroes and Items

Best Heroes and Items to Get in AFK Arena Dream Store

First, let’s explain how this functions. You need to start by playing the Nightmare Corridor. If you are unsure about how this works, we have a Nightmare Corridor guide here. To get to the Nightmare Corridor itself, open up the Main Screen of the game. From there, go to Guild, then Hellscape, and finally – select Nightmare Corridor. Note that you need to have Resonating Crystal level 350 or Heroes that are at least 30 Ascended Tier to take part in this.

Now you can complete the missions you need to get Dream Tokens. The maximum amount of Dream Tokens that you can get if you complete all the objectives is 18.000. As for items and Heroes, our advice here is to prioritize buying Time Emblems. This is because they can be used in the Temple of Time to draw various prizes from the prize pool there. Each one of these will get you a nice prize, and Time Emblems are very hard to get, which is why there’s a worthwhile investment here.

The Dream Store
The Dream Store

There are four Heroes you can currently get. These are: Twins (consisting of Elijah and Lailah), Zaphrael, Framton, and Leofric. Out of these, the Twins are the best choice and you should get them if you don’t already have them. After that, Zaphrael, followed by Framton, are also good picks. Zaphrael is better than Frampton in PvP, while Framton is more important for Cursed Realm, Temporal Rift, and Nightmare Corridor. Also, if you want to ascend Framton before you ascend Zaphrael, it’s better to get a Zaphrael copy first, as Elite Zaphrael is great when it comes to some Campaign and Tower situations. You can safely ignore Leofric, as he’s not a very powerful Hero.

Finally, we’d prioritize the items to get like this – Time Emblems > One of the Heroes > Stargazing Cards > Tree Juice > Baits > Red Chests > Upgrade Tokens.

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