Minecraft Legends Turn Off Narrator

Not sure how to turn off the Narrator in Minecraft Legends? We’ve got you covered! The Narrator in Minecraft Legends can be a rather helpful feature. However, for some, it is a source of frustration. If you’re one of those people, here’s how to disable the Narrator in Minecraft Legends.

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Minecraft Legends Turn Off Narrator
A guide on how to diasble text-to-speech in Minecraft Legends

How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft Legends

Having various accessibility options in games is something we laud and welcome with open arms. It’s truly great to see that many new games are introducing more and more various options to help those in need of a better gaming experience. However, these accessibility features should be optional, as not everyone needs them. The Narrator in Minecraft Legends will not only provide a voice-over during games but will also accompany you everywhere in the game. This includes talking about the menu options and so on. Naturally, this can quickly become annoying for those who don’t actually need this feature. So, how to disable the Narrator?

Luckily, this is a very easy thing to do. Pause the game to open the menu, and head to Settings from there. Once in Settings, switch to the Accessibility tab (that’s the second one from the left). On the Accessibility tab screen, you should look for the “Text” section. Finally, find the “text-to-speech” option there. The “text-to-speech” is actually the Narrator in Minecraft Legends. Turn it off, and you will no longer hear their voice. And that’s it! Well done! With that said, that’s about all you need to know about this topic, and our guide is completed. Good luck, and have fun playing the game!

How to Turn Off Narrator in Minecraft Legends
Turn off text-to-speech in the Accessibility tab in order to disable the Narrator.
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