Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake Locations

The Mandrake is one of the most well-known “magical” plants in the world. While it exists in real life, it is much better known because of all the superstitions surrounding it. For example, the legend that this plant produces a scream once you pull it out of the ground. This has been integrated into the lore of Harry Potter, and, by extension, to Hogwarts Legacy. As Mandrake is such a well-known plant, you’re going to need to find some during the course of the game. It has uses both as an ingredient in potions, as well as in combat. To help you find some as quickly as possible, we are going to tell you all the locations where you can get Mandrake in Hogwarts Legacy, and also where to buy Mandrake.

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Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake Location
Hogwarts Legacy Mandrake Locations

Where to Get Mandrake in Hogwarts Legacy

There are several places where you can acquire Mandrake in Hogwarts Legacy. If you have enough money, the quickest way to get some is to go to Hogsmeade. Once there, head to the Dogweed & Deathcap shop and purchase some Mandrake there. Besides here, you can also find the Mandrake plant out in the open world. We have marked a location where we have found several Mandrake in the screenshot below.

Once you have this plant in your possession, you can then use it in combat, similarly to how you would use Venomous Tentacula. When you remove it from its pot, it will produce a deafening scream. This works like an AoE stun effect in combat. We don’t need to point out that this can be very useful, especially against tougher foes, or if you find yourselves mobbed and surrounded by enemies. Using Mandrake in the heat of action can help you reposition your character and go on the counter-attack. Basically, what you want to do here is to think of it like a stun grenade from FPS titles.

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