Agents of Mayhem How to Unlock Characters

Agents of Mayhem offers twelve hero characters, three of which are unlocked from the start. There are two more, which are part of the day one edition. Eager players are wondering how to gain access to all the agents as soon as possible. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock characters in Agents of Mayhem, so you can start playing with the full roster.

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Agents of Mayhem How To Unlock Characters
Agents of Mayhem – How to Unlock Characters

How to unlock all Agents

  • Hollywood is available straight from the start.
  • Fortune is playable as soon as you start the game.
  • Hardtack can be used from the first mission.
  • Rama (Deadshot) unlocks upon completion of the main mission Operation: Raging Arrow (With Babylon in Seoul, MAYHEM needs to find out what he’s up to. An unexpected piece of information may hold where to start).
  • Daisy (Shieldbuster) is unlocked when you complete legion mission Operation: The Morning After (LEGION decides to lash out at MAYHEM for constantly thwarting their plans).
  • Scheherazade becomes available when you start and complete the main mission Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja (Troubling readings are coming in on LEGION’s latest weapons. Help Persephone investigate it and she might start providing company health insurance).
  • Kingpin (Skinpiercer) unlocks when you successfully complete the mission Operation: Royal Pain (A good friend of Mixer is coming into town. Help a buddy out and welcome Mixer’s friend to Seoul while he finishes up some last minute work).
  • Oni (Giant Slayer) is gained after you are done with the mission Operation: Demon & Fox (LEGION soldiers are engaging in some very un-LEGIONesque activities. Could some outside criminal enterprise be in bed with Pride?).
  • Yeti (Master Programmer) unlocks as soon as you complete the quest Operation: Caged Ice (Agent Yeti has gone missing after meeting with one of his contacts. Firday enlists the others to help track down his whereabouts).
  • Braddock (Giant Slayer) can be unlocked by beating a mission called Operation: Let’s Go (A group of ex-Marines turned Pridetroopers are looking for a fight, and looking to draw out someone from their past).
  • Joule (Master Programmer) unlocks after the mission Operation: Tecnologia (Claymore can’t figure out why LEGION’s weapons are so advance. With the help of the agents, Claymore wants to study their technology more closely).
  • Red Card (World Savior) is unlocked upon completion of the mission Operation: Big Game (There’s evidence that LEGION is working on a super soldier program in Seoul. Time to stop it from advancing any further).

Beside the heroes listed above, players who pre-ordered the game can enjoy two more:

  • Johnny Gat (Saints Row legend) is on PC as a playable character, along with a personal mission and skins. It’s a timed exclusive.
  • Lazarus comes as part of the pack featured on Xbox One or PlayStation 4. This deadly blend of woman and machine, as an additional agent, becomes available 30 days after launch.

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