Among Us Electrical Task - Reset Breakers & Calibrate Distributor

Electrical tasks in the Among Us Airship map include “Reset Breakers” and “Calibrate Distributor.” There’s not many tasks in the Airship Electrical area, and most of them you’ve already met in other maps. One of them, the breakers, is new, and therefore a bit confusing for some people. It’s not too difficult once you figure out what you’re supposed to do. So, in our Among Us Electrical Task – Reset Breakers & Calibrate Distributor guide, we’ll show you how to complete all the Electrical tasks on the Airship map.

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among us electrical task reset breakers & calibrate distributor
Among Us Electrical Task – Reset Breakers & Calibrate Distributor

How to Do the Electrical Task in Among Us – Airship Map

To do the Among Us electrical task on the Airship map, you have to do different things depending on which tasks you do. Fixing the wires is the simplest one – just connect the wires of the same colors (or same symbols, if you happen to have trouble seeing colors). Calibrate Distributor is also a repeat task that you’ve probably encountered before (if not, we’ve got you covered below). The one truly new task is resetting the breakers, which you might be having the most trouble with because, you know, it’s new. So, without further ado, let’s explain how the whole thing works.

How to Reset Breakers Among Us

To reset breakers and complete the Among Us Electrical task in the Airship, you have to flip the switches in the correct order. If you walk around the electrical room, you’ll see several breakers that you have to reset, and they’re all numbered. You just have to walk around and flip them in order, from 1 to 6. The problem is that the numbers always change from match to match. In other words, you’ll have to do the runaround of the breakers over again every time. It is annoying, but not as bad as, say, the Airship safe. Nobody likes that one, and neither do I.

How to Calibrate Distributor in Among Us

To calibrate distributor on the Among Us Airship map, you have do the same thing as on the Skeld. If you’re new to this Among Us Electrical task, let’s get you up to speed. There are three wheels spinning, and there’s a panel with three buttons on the right. As the wheels spin, the gray part will connect with a little chip on the right for a second. You have to hit the corresponding button at that same moment. It’s not too hard, but requires a bit of precision. The biggest annoyance is that you have to start over if you make a mistake. Incidentally, I hate this task with a passion; the only one worse is Simon Says.

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