CoD Mobile Season 10 Release Date & Time

The CoD Mobile Season 10 release date and time is almost upon us, so naturally, people want to know when they can start playing all the new content. And there does seem to be a lot of new stuff coming your way. Plenty of things to sink your teeth into. In this guide, we’ll show you when Season 10 is going to start and list some of the stuff you can expect to see in it.

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cod mobile season 10 release date & time
CoD Mobile Season 10 Release Date & Time

Season 10 Release Date & Time in CoD Mobile

The CoD Mobile Season 10 release date and time is Wednesday, November 17th at 4PM PT / 7 PM ET, which translates to 1 AM on November 18th in Central European Time. I think you can do your own math from there. All the new content will become available to you as soon as you download and install the new update. Of course, there’s gonna be a lot of new content for you to enjoy, such as new weapons, maps, a new battle pass, new operator skill, and more. So, let’s dive into that real quick.

First off, the new weapons. These include the SVD Sniper Rifle and the CBR4 SMG. The sniper will be unlockable via the battle pass; as for the CBR, you’ll have to earn it through the eponymous challenge. As far as maps go, when the CoD Mobile Season 10 release date and time rolls around, you can look forward to the Vacant Multiplayer map. Call of Duty veterans will be familiar with this one, since it debuted in Modern Warfare back in 2007 and has appeared in subsequent games a number of times.

When it comes to the battle pass, it will have both free tiers and premium tiers, because of course it will. Needless to say, the premium pass offers way more rewards, so be ready to pony up the money if you don’t want to miss out on anything. You can read more info about what’s coming in Season 10 here.

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