Apex Legends Mobile Controller Does Not Work Fix

Apex Legends Mobile is now officially released globally alongside Season 1. Despite being designed for touch screen gaming, many gamers prefer using a controller with their mobile devices to play first-person shooters. However, on the launch day, a number of players are reporting that their controllers are simply not working with Apex Legends Mobile. Here’s what we know about the Apex Legends Mobile controller issue, and if it can be fixed.

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Apex Legends Mobile Controller Does Not Work Fix
Apex Legends Mobile Controller Support

Does Apex Legends Mobile have Controller Support?

If Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t register a controller when you try to use it with your tablet or phone, the answer to this problem is rather simple. Developers have confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile will not support controllers at launch. This may come as a disappointment for those who had planned to play the game with a controller. However, there is some good news as well. Developers have also confirmed that they are actively working on implementing controller support. At the moment, devs promise that controller support should come in the “very near future”.

This means that we can probably expect the official controller support to come in the upcoming weeks. Nonetheless, despite the lack of official support, some players report that certain controllers are working normally. According to reports, the Xbox One and DualSense controllers are working perfectly fine. It seems that Xbox and PlayStation controllers are not having compatibility issues with most devices. However, other users on Reddit report that many third-party controllers, such as Razer Kishi, Trust GTX, and MOGA XP5X+, are not working.

Thus, for now, if you own a PlayStation or an Xbox controller, you will be able to use them with Apex Legends Mobile. On the other hand, most other controllers are still not compatible with Apex Mobile. But that should change soon as developers have promised to add more compatibility soon following the launch.

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  1. T

    Not true at all. First, the third party controllers work way better than the Xbox or PS5 ones! Xbox and PS5 controllers turn you into a fidget spinner..

    1. J

      Except that the Razer Kishi, which is one of the most popular mobile controllers, does not work at all.

    2. L

      I have a Xbox MOGA and is not working what’s so ever

    3. K

      I have the same Issue with my Ps5 Controller the right stick not working it just driftting all times.
      any solution for this problem.

    4. L


      I couldn’t get the Razor Kishi to work with my OnePlus 9 Pro Android, nor would the PS5 controller, but the PS4 controller works pretty well, though I haven’t figured out how to customize what buttons do what, so there is still a bit of a learning curve, but movement and shooting work pretty much like you would expect with a Controller.

      Maybe the Kishi or others will work as Respawn updates their support for controllers, but in all the things I have tried a PS4 controller is pretty much the only one I’ve been able to make work.

  2. K
    Ken DeVito

    Fix Kishi support.

  3. B
    Billy house

    Would love to use my kishi! Please fix soon <3

  4. A

    PS5 controller connects but the layout is completely wrong and it cannot be modified correctly and the touchpad doesnt work at all. I play apex legends on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – Android Version 12.

    1. N

      Same problem here!

  5. K
    Kevin Johnson II

    I tried a wired controller it doesn’t work which it should how I have it set up. They need to implement wired controllers aswell for the people that don’t want to spend mad money on batteries and other charging stations. Please implement wired controllers aswell

  6. M

    The tutorial does not support controllers, finish the tutorial and then try the controller. Apex Mobile does support controllers.

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