Salt and Sacrifice Farm Mages

Following in the exalted tradition of past Dark Souls titles, Salt and Sacrifice is likewise a very hardcore and bleak game. And, just like in DS games, there are also powerful bosses in S&S. Called Mages, when defeated, these enemies drop some of the best crafting materials in the game. Though, dispatching a Mage just once doesn’t yield enough of these materials. This means that you will want to farm them as much as you can. But how to farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice? Read on to learn how this process works in the game.

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Salt and Sacrifice Farm Mages

How to Farm Mages in Salt and Sacrifice

In order to farm Mages, you will first need to defeat the named version of that Mage. These are the boss version of these enemies and they are much tougher to beat – with more health and deadlier attacks. Once you have beaten such a named version, go back to Pardoner’s Vale. Now, when you get back to this same location, you will find the Mage there once again. The Mage won’t be in the exact same spot, its exact positioning depends on how many doors you’ve opened there. However, it will be relatively close to where you first encountered its “full” version. Look around and you’ll soon encounter it. This Mage will be considerably weaker than its full boss variant, and it won’t have a visible health bar.

As you deal damage to it, the Mage will teleport around. Pay close attention to the direction of its particles when it does so – that is an indication of where it has teleported to. Follow it around, dealing damage as you go. Finally, it will fall down to its knees. Quickly approach it and you will be given the prompt to take its heart. If you do not do this quickly enough, the Mage will get back up and regenerate some of its health back.

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