Apex Legends Problem Processing Game Logic

Apex Legends players have been getting an error message saying there was a problem processing game logic recently. This bug stops those affected from playing, but there are several quick and easy workarounds that could have you back in the game in no time. Read on to see how to fix Apex Legends problem processing game logic.

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apex legends problem processing game logic
Apex Legends Problem Processing Game Logic

There was a problem processing game logic – Apex Legends

The problem is mostly affecting folks on Playstation 4. If you’re experiencing this issue, the first thing you should try is to restart the console from the power menu. This usually clears things up.

If that doesn’t help, your next step should be to delete the game’s save data. Not the game itself, mind you – that won’t even help, you’ll just have to wait for it to download again. Just delete the game’s data in storage, and it’ll act like you’ve cleared the cache – you’ll have to log back in, and everything should be fine once again.

Some players have reported having success with logging into a different account, then switching back to their main one. If you have a spare account at your disposal, you could try this as well.

If you go the delete storage data route, make sure to check the in-game settings once it’s up and running – those might be reset as well. Let us know in the comments whether any of these techniques helped you deal with the problem processing game logic in Apex Legends. If none of them help, you should reach out to EA’s support, either directly via email, or by way of their official forum – they’re pretty responsive, all things considered. If you’ve discovered a workaround that isn’t mentioned in the article, feel free to share and we’ll look into it.

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  1. L
    Liam James

    Same issue ovwr amd aover and ovee. EA sucks. What an inconvenience. Then, cant even get free prime gear through them..

  2. Z

    Dude that’s it, like..none of it works you guys are abandoning players who religiously play this on PS4 and instead of a hot fix you guys just tell us how to restart our console, this is a f*cking joke you guys need to fix this.

    1. M

      Dude these guys are not EA

      1. T

        EA doesn’t even make games, they are publishers

    2. K

      These ain’t the devs so stfu and stop complaining to them

    3. Z

      fax bruh i’ve tried everything this is my last option

      1. D

        So now i have to delete my saved setting every day to be able to play tjis game that i have been playong since litterally day one. You fucks fix nothing, nurg characters based on whiney crying little forum bitches and than ignote your actual fan base. I habe sank hudreds of dollars into your god damn gsme, so fucking fix it.

    4. K
      Keenan Kinkade

      Yeah I have the same problem hard restart doesn’t do #&!$

  3. L

    I’ve tried everything listed here multiple times and nothing has worked. Does that mean I’ll never be able to play apex again?

    1. M

      Same on me nothing works

  4. P

    I’m also affected by this issue and found a solution for me. Gonna explain how I fixed the problem for me, playing on PS4. I tried a lot of stuff like restarting, reinstalling, disconnecting from every cable. however it doesn’t fixed my problem. So I tried another EA game to log in and it worked. In my case, I started FIFA 19. Dropped the starting screening and waited till my PSN account was connected with the ea servers on FIFA. It worked without any problems. I closed the application, started apex legends and my problem with game processing error was fixed. This works for me like everytime I’m facing this problem and is for me currently the only way how I can run apex legends on my main account without creating any smurfs. Hopefully it works on your accounts to.

    1. C

      Yo guys – i got the i think major fix

      Just rebuild your database

      DAY 3 no problems

    2. Q

      Perfect bud. This worked. Thank you Patrick.

  5. R

    Having the same problem as well I fixed it by testing my network connection a couple times.

    1. S

      I’m on Xbox and I’ve recently been experiencing this glitch it really sucks and I hope they fix it soon

  6. C

    Switch your server to Belgium, temporary fix because if you switch back it doesn’t work, but you can play.

    1. F

      Worked for me, thanks!

  7. I

    Restarted ps4 console, it worked 🙂

  8. B

    Deleting game data worked for me on ps4.

  9. C

    Reset ps5 nothing
    deleted data nothing
    Logged on a different account it worked
    Looked back in my main account didn’t work.. wtfff

    1. C

      Yea like I’ve done it all for apex on ps5 and nothing works. I need this to be fixed !!

  10. S

    Hi Patrick, thanks for the advice you are great, my same mistake all solved, it works. I keep an Xbox One X.

  11. E

    I just restart my app and change servers and eventually i find one that lets me log in

  12. A

    Just change server you will be fine

  13. C
    C. Black

    deleting the game’s data in storage worked

  14. J

    I’ve tried all and still nothing it just wouldn’t let me push the x button after it gave me the code is case

  15. A

    Been having this issue for the past week and it still won’t work. This sucks cuz I paid for that damn battle pass.

  16. M

    Deleting the save data fixed it for me.

  17. M

    Everytime I log it it’s just a black lobby then I get kicked out, can’t log in. Go to restart apex only for my PS4 to crash causing me to force it to shut down only then for it to restart 2 times. Tried deleting and nothing is working. I can’t log in and can’t play

  18. M

    Thank you. Deleting the file worked for Xbox.

  19. J
    Jaden Rosso

    Deleting saved data worked for me but what I’ve also done and my friend have joined off each other’s invites and that let us play.

    1. S

      When u join a friend, and you cant choose legends or drop shit using the analog, try the dpads.

  20. J

    So what I’ve discovered is that on PlayStation it will constantly error through and then if you try to close it before the error occurs it will crash and then freeze your PlayStation forcing you to unplug the console while still live and turned on. This will hurt your console and cause several issues possibly ending its life entirely through corrupted data or burning your motherboard. Respawn has done it now. It’s ruining thousands of consoles globally. Fix it or we’ll break your system.

  21. K

    Same thing happened to me the other day. Almost bricked my console. This game is buggy as it is which is fine but actually being a threat to my ps4, now that is over the line. Had to force shut it down, hopefully without any problems later on. And now I can’t even open the game because the same error keeps popping up. The support for this game on consoles is non existent. Respawn, you suck and I hope it bites you back.

  22. H

    F*#k This Im Gonna Stay On COD!!!

  23. L
    Luke Kirsch

    Deleting saved data worked for me thanks!

  24. A

    Deleting the save data got me back in to the game instantly. Thanks for the info.

  25. M
    McKenzie Doyle

    restarting worked for me! thank you!

  26. O

    When I first got this eror after the last update, restarting used to work. Then the error came back and restarting the game wasnt working, so I tried restarting the machine, again worked for a day and the started having the error. So deleted the data, game worked perfectly for the last few days, until just now when the error is back. So really all these solutions are temp solutions until the devs fix it.

  27. A

    Gee id sure love to plax apex rn… too bad theyre team sucks at resolving basic issues.

  28. A

    Had to switch to a belgium server and im finally able to play. No idea why. See how this goes

  29. T
    Tristin snyder

    It won’t let me connect to the servers for the new season

  30. G

    I got this error on PC. I get reservation timed out and ones about the anti-cheat not working too.

  31. E

    Everyone I figured out how to fix this problem what you need to do is
    1. Run the game
    2. On the start screen press X to continue then immediately abort the loading process by pressing O often
    3. Return to the start screen
    4. Press X to continue
    The problem should be fixed and you can now play Apex Legends again!

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