Arcade Dog Value Pet Simulator X

One of the reasons why Pet Simulator X is one of the most played games on Roblox is the fact that it is constantly being updated and worked on. New pets, both real and fantastical, are added to the game on a regular basis. This means that, no matter what sort of critter you like, there’s bound to be at least a couple of pets that are perfect for you. For example, the Arcade Dog. This Mythical Pet sports a very unique design. A reskin of the Dog Pet, it looks like a games arcade in the shape of a cute little doggy. It’s no wonder that so many players want to get their hands on it. To help you do just that, we are going to show you the value of the Arcade Dog in Pet Simulator X, and also explain how you can get it in PSX.

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Arcade Dog Value Pet Simulator X
Arcade Dog Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Sim X Arcade Dog Value

The value of this – and any other pet – in PSX depends on the rarity of the type that you want to obtain. The rarer it is, the higher the price is going to be because of that. Also, note that these values are merely rough estimates that are very likely to change in the following days, as the interest for the Arcade Dog goes up and down. In any case, the Normal Arcade Dog is currently worth 1 Million Diamonds. The Shiny Arcade Dog 4 Million Diamonds, the Golden Arcade Dog 3 Million Diamonds, the Rainbow Arcade Dog 12 Million Diamonds, and the Dark Matter Arcade Dog 40 Million Diamonds.

As for the Normal Hardcore Arcade Dog, it is worth 20 Million Diamond, the Golden Hardcore Arcade Dog is 60 Million Diamonds, the Rainbow Hardcore Arcade Dog is 240 Million Diamonds, and the Dark Matter Hardcore Arcade Dog is 800 Million Diamonds.

How to Get Arcade Dog in Pet Simulator X

Apart from trading for it, the only other way to get the Arcade Dog in PSX is to hatch it from the Arcade Egg.

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