Pet Simulator X Claw Machine, How to Get Claw Tokens

If you want to know what is the Claw Machine in Pet Simulator X, you’ve come to the right place! Summer Update Part 3 is now live, and it has come filled to the brim with awesome new content. In this guide, we explain how to get more Claw Tokens and all the rewards you get from Claw Machine.

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How Does the Claw Machine Work?

Pet Simulator X Summer Update Part 3 has just dropped, and there’s a lot to unpack. One of the most exciting things is the new Claw Machine event, which comes packed with rewards. Called The CLAAAAAW!, this special machine has some rewards for everyone, including Diamonds, Arcade Pets, and Arcade Eggs. Keep in mind that this is a limited-time event. Hence, the Claw Machine will be available only for the duration of Summer Update Part 3. Thus, make sure to use the Machine as much as possible during this time.

So, how does the Claw Machine work? You can find the machine in the Town area of Spawn World. We’ve already said what rewards you can get from it. However, how to earn these free goodies? For that, you will need Claw Token currency. You can give in these Claw Tokens at the machine, and each one will net you a reward.

How to get Claw Machine Tokens in Pet Simulator X

Now that you know what you need for the Claw Machine let’s see how you can get these tokens. There are numerous ways in which you can put your hands on these. Below, we list all the possible ways in which you can acquire them:

  • Complete the Summer Event quests.
  • You can get Claw Machine Tokens by purchasing them with Robux. 25 Claw Tokens will cost you 400 Robux.
  • You can get them for free by simply being in the game. Every 10 minutes of being in the game, you will get a free gift.
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