Ark Fjordur Congealed Gas Balls

Knowing how to get Ark Fjordur Congealed Gas Balls is going to become important at one point. It’s is a valuable crafting material, used to make pieces of the Hazard Suit, Charge Batteries, Charge Lanterns, and more. Unfortunately, it’s not super-easy to figure out how to efficiently farm this particular material. That’s why we’ve written this guide, in which we’ll show you where to find the Congealed Gas Balls. I’ll leave any toilet jokes to you.

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ark fjordur congealed gas balls
Ark Fjordur Congealed Gas Balls

How to Get Congealed Gas Balls Ark Fjordur

To get Congealed Gas Balls in Ark Fjordur, there are several things that you can do. First off, there’s a number of sulfuric pools in the southeast of the map. For example, one is around the coordinates 72.0; 94.5. In these pools, you’ll see sizeable columns of twisted, yellow mineral. At the bottom of these pillars, you can find smaller nodes (about your height) made of the same material. Mine them (ideally with a hatchet) and collect the Condensed Gas. As for the tall columns, feel free to ignore them. Anyways, once you’ve had your fill of Condensed Gas, head back to your base. Fire up your forge with some wood and place the gas inside. It will cook into Condensed Gas Balls at a one-to-one rate.

Another way to get and find Congealed Gas Balls in Ark Fjordur is in the back of the Mines of Moria. The main entrance is at 83.3; 21.2, and the back entrance is around 86.1 and 05.2. Whichever way you come in, head to the area across the long, narrow bridge with two pools of lava that extend into columns on either side (you might not have to cross it, depending on what entrance you use). Stand between the lava pillars, face the bridge, then slowly turn to the right. You’ll see a small opening that you can crouch through after crossing a precarious ledge. On the other side of this tiny opening, you’ll find a huge area full of ferns and fungi and, most importantly, gas veins (84.2; 13.2 and 85.0; 16.3). Place a Gas Collector on one or more of these veins to gather the Congealed Gas Balls.

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