Merge Mansion Food Bags

Merge Mansion Food Bags are important items in the 4th of July event. For one thing, they drop food items like pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and condiments, which you need for making burgers and hot dogs. More importantly, when you empty a Food Bag, it drops either a burger or hot dog bun. This is basically the only way to get the buns, and those are indispensable. So, let’s find out how to get Food Bags in the 4th of July event.

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merge mansion food bags
Merge Mansion Food Bags

How to Get Food Bag in Merge Mansion

To get Food Bags in Merge Mansion, there are two things you can do. First off, this item is a rare drop from the Fridge. You’ll get this item at the very start of the 4th of July event. There’s no way to accidentally sell it, which is good, since it’s a crucial item. So, be sure to tap the Fridge every so often and see what you get out of it. You have the option to purchase another Fridge from the event store, but it does seem that you have to buy it with real money. So, I wouldn’t recommend getting it unless you really, really have no other recourse. I’m very much against using real money in video games, and this situation is no different.

Speaking of, another way to get Food Bags in Merge Mansion is to purchase them for coins in the shop. Again, not the solution I would necessarily recommend, one way or the other. However, if you’re really getting desperate, that’s another avenue that you can pursue. As for why the Food Bags are so important in the first place, it’s because they drop hamburger buns and hot dog buns when you empty them. These are important for making burgers and hot dogs, obviously. The main problem at the moment is that the burger buns are dropping very rarely, but that’s a whole different matter. Check out our Grilled Burger Patty and Burger & Buns guides for more info.

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  1. O

    I only get hot dog buns. I have like 5 fully loaded hot dogs, 4 hot dog buns and 0 burgers. I keep getting hot dog buns and never burger buns. So much so that I am selling the hot dog buns to free up squares. Game is seriously flawed. I now have a quest for a burger that I cannot complete because this game WILL NOT drop a hamburger bun. I guess I’ll stop playing. No fun when you can’t win at all.

    1. B
      Bonnie Martinez

      I think you get the burger bun after you use up your shopping bag.

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