Ark Fjordur Ovis Spawn Locations

Knowing where to find Ark Fjordur Ovis spawn locations can be pretty useful. After all, they’re just a species of wild sheep; kinda like an ancestor to the animals we know and love today. Therefore, you can use them for wool, meat, and even ride them around. Not the noblest of steeds, but it’ll get the job done. Well, some jobs. Anyways, let’s find out where you can find sheep in Ark Fjordur.

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ark fjordur ovis spawn locations
Ark Fjordur Ovis Spawn Locations

Where to Find Ovis in Ark Fjordur

To find Ovis in Ark Fjordur, you have to go to one or more of their spawn locations. The Ovis are basically just wild sheep, with pretty long horns and a shaggy, warm coat. They tend to appear in mountainous and/or cold regions. In the list below, we’ll give you some places where the sheep can spawn. The two sets of coordinates at the top of the list are where you’re likely to find several of them at the same time. That said, any of these are worth a visit. Keep in mind that, while the Ovis are fairly trivial to hunt down, you will need something a bit heavier than, say, a spear. Other than that, they’re easy prey, relatively timid and honestly kinda dumb. I mean, they’re sheep.

  • Latitude 16.3, Longitude 66.5
  • Latitude 21.9, Longitude 59.8
  • Latitude 45.0, Longitude 55.0
  • Latitude 42.5, Longitude 69.4
  • Latitude 95.4, Longitude 20.5

So, those are some of the places where you can find Ovis in Ark Fjordur spawn locations. Again, they’re usually up in the mountains, so plan your journey accordingly. If you want to tame the sheep, know that their favorite food are Sweet Vegetable Cakes. One of those should be enough to tame an Ovis of any level. Yes, they are very easy to tame, which is pretty useful. The sheep have many uses, including being a decent “vehicle” and a good source of food and wool. You can breed them, too, of course. So, yeah; go out there and snag yourself some sheep.

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