Coffee Recipes Disney Dreamlight Valley

The coffee recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley allow you to unlock and make new drinks. The recipes themselves are fairly simple and intuitive. However, the major problem is figuring out how to get Coffee Beans, aka the main ingredient. In this guide, we’ll first explain how to get those, and then we’ll give you a list of all the coffee recipes we’ve discovered so far.

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coffee recipes disney dreamlight valley
Coffee Recipes Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Coffee Recipes

There are three coffee recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that we’ve found. If we’ve missed any of them, let us know in the comments. Of course, before you can start brewing these drinks, you need to work to earn access to Coffee Beans. That is quite the long process. As we’ve explained in our How to Get Coffee Beans guide, you first have to meet and befriend Stitch. The only way to do that at time of writing is to manually set the console date to December 17th or so. Then, you need to raise your friendship level with Stitch to 4. This will unlock a quest, during which you’ll plant a coffee tree and thereby unlock Coffee Beans.

Once you’ve done all that, you can start brewing coffee and experimenting with coffee recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As I’ve said up top, we have managed to figure out three of these. You can find them in the list below, as well as our Disney Dreamlight Valley Christmas Recipe guide. This is one type of holiday beverage you can make, the others being Hot Cocoa and several different flavors of Boba Tea. So, get cooking, my friends, and get into the Christmas mood. Don’t forget to do the Festive Duties!

  • Coffee – Coffee Beans and that’s it. What else would it be? One-star recipe.
  • Latte – Coffee Beans and Milk. Two-star recipe.
  • Mocha – Coffee Beans, Cocoa Bean and Milk. Three-star recipe.
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