Back 4 Blood Total Apocalypse Outfits

There are several outfits in Back 4 Blood, but a particularly enticing one – both from a visual as well as from a naming perspective – is the Total Apocalypse set. This outfit looks very appropriately post-apocalyptic, with spikes, leather, paint, and similar fashion. This aesthetic has obviously been inspired by movie and gaming classics of the genre such as Mad Max, Fallout, and Wasteland. However, even though it has an awesome visual design, it isn’t available right from the start. Consequently, many players are confused as to what they need to do to unlock it. If you are wondering how to do this, our Back 4 Blood Total Apocalypse Outfits guide is here to help you out.

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Back 4 Blood Total Apocalypse Outfits

Back 4 Blood How to Get Total Apocalypse Outfits

Every Cleaner in Back 4 Blood has their own distinct cosmetics. There are three pieces of clothing you can outfit your characters: head, torso, and legs. To be able to unlock these Apocalypse Outfit pieces, you need to complete all Supply Lines. Every Supply Line is dedicated to one of the pieces type, determining which type you will get from it. Appropriately, the top Supply Line is for Head pieces, the middle Supply Line is for Top (torso) pieces, and the bottom Supply Line will get you Leg pieces.

To be able to get all of these will require quite a bit of grinding. Every individual piece costs 250 Supply Points, totaling 750 Supply Points per Cleaner. Combined, this all adds up to 6000 Supply Points. To save you the time and effort you would have spent grinding for these Supply Points, we have written a great guide for fast supply point methods in Back 4 Blood. As you can see in our guide, there are two missions which are tailor-made for easy and quick farming. Using these, you will be able to unlock the Back 4 Blood Total Apocalypse Outfits in no time.

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