Back 4 Blood Characters - Doc, Hoffman, Walker, Mom, Holly, Evangelo, Karlee, Jim

Back 4 Blood certainly has a colorful cast: Doc, Hoffman, Walker, Mom, Holly, Evangelo, Karlee, and Jim, you will be able to play as any one of these eight characters. Called Cleaners in the game, each of these eight characters has a unique ability, as well as a personal and team boost. To help you plan out the perfect squad, we’ve written this in-depth Back 4 Blood Characters – Doc, Hoffman, Walker, Mom, Holly, Evangelo, Karlee, Jim guide in which we will go over each character, including their personality and skills.

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Back 4 Blood Characters - Doc, Hoffman, Walker, Mom, Holly, Evangelo, Karlee, Jim

Back 4 Blood Cleaners

Currently, there are a total of eight Cleaners in the game. Considering the game has just recently entered its Open Beta phase, more Cleaners being added to the game at a later point, or the current cast getting an overhaul to their characteristics or looks is certainly a possibility. With that said, let’s take a look at the entire crew, one by one.


  • Ability: Precision kills increase accuracy.
  • Personal boost: Increased damage.
  • Team boost: Increased team health.

An accurate and deadly former army veteran, Walker fits into any team configuration. His personal boost gives him increased damage, and he also increases the health of the entire team.


  • Ability: Low health heal bonus.
  • Personal boost: Increased healing efficiency.
  • Team boost: Team trauma resistance.

If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, Doc is a health professional, and she fulfills the Healer role in the team. All of her abilities and passives revolve around healing and preventing damage.


  • Ability: Senses hazards.
  • Personal boost: Additional Quick Inventory slot.
  • Team boost: Increased team use speed.

Able to spot hazards from a distance, Karlee also has an additional inventory slot and she makes the entire squad faster when they are using equipment.


  • Ability: Precision kills increase damage.
  • Personal boost: Increased ADS speed.
  • Team boost: Increased team weak spot damage.

The resident sniper, Jim specializes in taking out enemies from afar. If you bring him along, the entire team will benefit from an increase in weak spot damage.


  • Ability: Spawns ammo with kills.
  • Personal boost: Additional Offensive Item slot.
  • Team boost: Increased team ammo capacity.

Some people have been waiting and preparing for an Apocalypse their entire lives. Hoffman is one such character. He is all about preparedness, and his abilities and passives mean more ammo for the squad.


  • Ability: Breaks out of grabs.
  • Personal boost: Increased stamina regen.
  • Team boost: Increased team movement speed.

Quick and agile, Evangelo has the ability to break if an enemy has gotten hold of him. Similarly, his passives make the team move faster and better regenerate their stamina.


  • Ability: Instant revive.
  • Personal boost: Additional Support Inventory slot.
  • Team boost: One extra team life.

Tough, gruff, and nurturing, Mom is all about supporting her team. With her in the team, you will be much harder to bring down, and even if you do – she has the ability to revive you.


  • Ability: Recovers stamina with kills.
  • Personal boost: Increased damage resistance.
  • Team boost: Increased team stamina.

Armed with her trusty baseball bat Dottie, Holly is the team’s obligatory close-combat specialist. She recovers stamina with each kill, and her passives increase her damage resistance, as well as the stamina of her teammates.

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