Best Chess Royale Deck

If you want to know how to put together the best Chess Royale deck in Clash Royale, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to show you several examples of what such a deck might look like. Of course, there’s always wiggle room for you to substitute cards according to your needs, but one of these decks should work pretty well for you. Let’s get into it.

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best chess royale deck clash royale
Best Chess Royale Deck Clash Royale

Best Deck for Chess Royale Event Clash Royale

In the list below, we are going to show you what we believe to be the best deck choices for the Chess Royale event in Clash Royale. Obviously, that’s just our opinion; you should feel free to adapt the decks according to your own unique preferences. Heck, share your ideas in the comments if you want to. Overall, though, you want a largely balanced deck that doesn’t cost too much, and I think the cards we’ve chosen in the list below should prove pretty efficient. As long as you play smart on top of having the right deck, of course.

But before we get into that, here’s how you enter the event. Download and install the newest version of the game, open it, and enter the Event Mode by tapping the icon in the bottom right. select Chess Royale, and you can figure out your own way from here. With all that said, here are our examples of the best Clash Royale deck for the Chess Royale event.

  • Deck 1
    • Inferno Dragon – costs four Elixir
    • Royal Ghost – costs three Elixir
    • Fisherman – costs three Elixir
    • Mother Witch – costs four Elixir
    • Elixir Golem – costs three Elixir
    • Ice Spirit – costs one Elixir
    • Minions – costs three Elixir
    • Skeleton Dragon – costs four Elixir
  • Deck 2
    • Monk – costs five Elixir
    • Minion Horde – costs five Elixir
    • Valkyrie – costs four Elixir
    • Musketeer – costs four Elixir
    • Bandit – costs three Elixir
    • Fisherman – costs three Elixir
    • Archers – costs three Elixir
    • Spear Goblins – costs two Elixir
  • Deck 3
    • Skeleton Army – costs three Elixir
    • Electro Spirit – costs one Elixir
    • Hog Rider – costs four Elixir
    • Tornado – costs three Elixir
    • X Bow – costs six Elixir
    • Baby Dragon – costs four Elixir
    • Bats – costs two Elixir
    • Goblin Barrel – costs three Elixir
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