Best Meta Guns COD Mobile Season 6, Weapons Tier List 2022

COD Mobile Season 6: To the Skies is here! The new season brings the new Favela map, ideal for those of you who like to engage in close-quarters combat. And that goes perfectly with the new KSP 45 SMG. Want to stay on top of the competition in Season 6? Check out our tier list of the best meta weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 2022, including the best AR, best SMG, best Sniper, best LMG, and so on.

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Best Meta Guns COD Mobile Season 6, Weapons Tier List 2022

The Best Weapons in COD Mobile Season 6 2022

Before we jump to the tier list, we should explain how our list works. This article was written based on our experience with the game, the newest balance changes, and the all-around state of the meta before Season 6 2022. We’ve performed extensive testing and we suggest you our list based on that. Nevertheless, this is an opinion piece, and as such, the list is not set in stone. The meta constantly shifts, and the efficiency of a weapon depends on many factors. This includes your personal preferences as well. With that said, let’s jump right into our list of top meta guns for COD Mobile Season 6.

The Best Assault Rifle (AR) in COD Mobile Season 6 2022 – Man-O-War

For this summer our pick of the best AR rifle in COD Mobile is the good old Man-O-War. This weapon of mass destruction has an excellent combination of high accuracy and mobility, making it perfect for maps like Favela, where players will need to quickly transition between tight corridors and more open areas. On top of that, it is a relatively easy assault rifle to control and it has a decent rate of fire. The only real downside is the weapon’s low damage, but that can be somewhat offset with proper attachments.

The Best Submachine Gun (SMG) in COD Mobile Season 6 2022 – QQ9

For the second season in a row the QQ9 remains on the top as the king of SMGs. It has bested the Fennec and the MAC-10 mostly due to nerfs these two have received. The QQ9 will provide you with by far the best mobility in the game, and a decent range for an SMG. It also has an extremely fast fire rate and fast reload times, allowing you to quickly deal with your targets, reload, and come back to continue fighting. As the icing on the cake, it’s a relatively accurate gun for an SMG, and its recoil is manageable.

The Best Sniper in COD Mobile Season 6 2022 – Koshka

We needed a little bit of time, but we finally admit now that the Koshka is truly the new best sniper rifle in COD Mobile. Added in Season 4 2022, the Koshka boasts impressive damage and raw power. It is capable of one-shotting targets even with the upper body hits from a close enough distance. On top of that, it has a great basic accuracy and solid range, allowing you to engage from various ranges. Admittedly, the weapon’s mobility and rate of fire are rather abysmal. Thus, this weapon doesn’t allow for mistakes, or you will be dead quickly.

The Best Light Machine Gun (LMG) in COD Mobile Season 6 2022 – Holger 26

The Chopper is making a return this season, mostly because it works really great on the new Favela map. Its extremely high damage, lightning-fast fire rate and surprisingly good accuracy will bring terror upon your enemies on the new COD Mobile map. Though, you should still be careful, as this is a type of weapon which requires support from your teammates, to keep your flanks secured as you are suppressing the enemies and pushing the attack. A light and fast secondary weapon is also mandatory.

The Best Shotgun in COD Mobile Season 6 2022 – HS0405

Finally, if your style includes blasting people face to face with shotguns, for this season we choose the HS0405. It has great hip-fire accuracy, but also ADS bullet spread has been significantly buffed earlier this year. Its base damage is already insane, and with the right attachments, it can a dark horse for this season, especially of the Favela map.

That said, our list is done. If you think that some guns might be better for this season, share with us in the comments! Have fun in Season 6 and good luck in your games!

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