Black Pearl Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

One of the reasons why Cookie Run Kingdom is such a popular game is the fact that it is constantly being updated with new content. These updates often come in the form of brand-new characters. This is also the case with the latest update to CRK, which, among other things, adds a very unique character – Black Pearl Cookie, a new legendary Cookie Run Kingdom cookie. If you are interested in learning more about Black Pearl Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, then we invite you to read on.

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Black Pearl Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom Black Pearl Legendary Cookie

Black Pearl Cookie is another legendary Cookie that’s been added to Cookie Run Kingdom. She is an Ambush Type and her position is in the Middle. Her in-game description reads: “The truth behind Duskgloom Sea’s horrors. From her underwater throne of wreckage, she awaits her next prey.” Her Skill is called Duskgloom’s Sovereign, and is described as: “Dives into the abyss and shifts into her true form, creating a whirlpool storm that deals periodic damage and drags in even enemies resistant to interruptions. Enemies, terrified of the Cookie’s giant size, suffer from Terror from the Abyss. Being the rules of the abyss herself, Black Pearl Cookie is resistant to all Fear effects. (Maximum amount of true damage proportional to the target’s HP is 300,000).”

Black Pearl Cookie’s Korean VA is Bang Yeon-jin. Her Japanese VA is Tanezaki Atsumi, and she is voiced by Erica Mendez in English.

Black Pearl Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

There are two ways you can build Black Pearl Cookie when it comes to toppings choices. The first of these is to go x5 Searing Raspberry. This will allow you to maximize her damage output. You can also select x5 Swift Chocolate. Doing this will reduce her Cooldown, allowing Black Pearl Cookie to use her Skill more often.

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