Boss Hunt Cookie Run Kingdom Best Cookies Abilities List

In our Boss Hunt Cookie Run Kingdom Best Cookies Abilities List guide, we are going to focus on the different abilities and status effects cookies can inflict in CRK. This is going to be valuable information in the Boss Hunt event, because the enemies have different weaknesses that you can exploit. Knowing which cookies have these abilities will help you put together a team that will be able to go far. Let’s dive into it.

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boss hunt cookie run kingdom best cookies abilities list
Boss Hunt Cookie Run Kingdom Best Cookies Abilities List

CRK Best Cookies for Boss Hunt – Ability List

Before we get into the best cookies and the list of abilities to use in Boss Hunt in Cookie Run Kingdom (or CRK), we need to explain what Boss Hunt is. Basically, it’s a kind of boss rush mode, where the difficulty of enemies just keeps going up. You build a team of cookies and you try to beat as many bosses as you can. The more you do this and the further you get, the better rewards you obtain. And since some of the bosses are weak to certain effects, you need to exploit those weaknesses to get further along more easily. In fact, it’s practically mandatory. So, here’s the list of abilities and cookies that have them (huge thanks to Reddit user salasy for putting the list together).

  • Poison – Alchemist Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Prune Juice Cookie, Royal Margarine Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Licorice Cookie
  • Fire – Capsaicin Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie, Mala Sauce Cookie, Pitaya Dragon Cookie, Rye Cookie, Tarte Tatin Cookie
  • Light – Clotted Cream Cookie, Financier Cookie, Kouign-Amann Cookie, Madeleine Cookie
  • Frost – Prophet Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Sherbet Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
  • Light Cage – Clotted Cream Cookie
  • Zap – Shining Glitter Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie
  • Taunt – Milk Cookie, Knight Cookie
  • Silence – Latte Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, licorice Cookie
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