Cookie Run Kingdom Light Cookies

The Summer Soda Rock Festa is the latest updade to Cookie Run Kingdom. As part of the 4.7 update to the game, a new time-limited event is also underway. The event in question is called “Challenge! Boss Hunt”. Like its name suggests, in order to complete it, you are going to need to defeat powerful bosses. One of these bosses is Dark Cacao Cookie. Since it is vulnerable to light, you are going to need to use Light Cookies to be able to beat it. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of all the Light Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom right here.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Light Cookies
Cookie Run Kingdom Light Cookies

Cookie Run Kingdom Light Element Cookies

There are several Cookies that can cause Light elemental damage. Naturally, this makes them the best Cookies to use against Dark Cacao Cookie. So now let’s see what these Cookies are and which ones of their Skills deal Light damage:

  • Clotted Cream Cookie – via the Consul’s Orders Skill.
  • Financier Cookie – with her Paladin Protection Skill.
  • Kouign-Amann Cookie – when using her Paladin’s Way Skill.
  • Madeleine Cookie – the only exception to this, as he has two ways to inflict Light damage – with the Commander’s Honor Skill and the Power of the Light Candy Skill.

All of these Cookies are excellent when used to defeat Dark Cacao Cookie, as they can easily exploit its noticable weakness to Light elemental damage. Of course, you should have other Cookies in your team as well, but having one or two of the above-mentioned Light Cookies can make the battle much, much easier. Also, knowing what each status effect does is one of the most important things that every CRK player needs to know about. With that in mind, here’s how silence works, and which Cookies in the game posses the Taunt Ability.

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