Brawlhalla Legends That Have Been to Fangwild

It’s business as usual in Brawlhalla – another week, and with it comes another set of Weekly Challenges. Like all Brawlhalla players know, these challenges are both fun and rewarding. Though, they can often be difficult to figure out. Take one particular challenge this week, which requires that you “Win Matches with Legends that have been to the Fangwild.” Which characters are these? To help you complete this challenge as quickly as possible, we’ve compiled a list of all the Brawlhalla Legends That Have Been to Fangwild.

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Brawlhalla Legends That Have Been to Fangwild
Brawlhalla Legends That Have Been to Fangwild

Win Matches With Legends That Have Been to Fangwild

The Fangwild is, as you no doubt already know, one of the maps in Brawlhalla. It is a mystical blue forest, filled with fantastical azure flora. There are several Legends whose backstories have them explicitly tied to the Fangwild. Here’s who these Legends are:

  • Ember. This bow-wielding Legend is also known as The Fangwild’s Daughter.
  • Ragnir. The Dragon, Ragnir, is also another Legend that is from the Fangwild. He is also tied to Ember’s fate, and has entered the Brawlhalla tournament in order to bring her back to the Fangwild.
  • Arcadia. The Faerie Queen, Arcadia is likewise one of the denizens of this enchanted forest.
  • Bödvar. He got lost in the Fangwild.
  • Dusk. This Renegade Sorcerer escaped from Aelfheim to Fangwild, which he then attempted to conquer.
  • Yumiko. A Kitsune, she saved her village from evil forces coming deep from within the Fangwild.
  • Teros. A powerful Minotaur, Teros used to live in the Fangwild for some time.

These seven Legends are all connected to the Fangwild in some way or another. That means that you should be able to complete this challenge with any of them. If we have missed some Legend that has also been to the Fangwild, please inform us of who is missing from our list in the comments below.

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  1. L
    Lu E

    Scarlet is also apart of the fangwild

  2. I
    Israel Sanchez

    Diana has also been in the fangwild, for she was dragged through it on her way to helhiem after the coup d’etat led by the order

  3. W
    Waffle Ghost

    So is Diana, Mordex, and Wu Shang

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