Clash Royale Star Level Explained

If you’re unfamiliar how the Clash Royale Star Level works and what it does, we’ll explain it all in this guide. Also, if you’re worried because you can’t see your Star Level via the card info screens from the Clan UI, we’ll lay your fears to rest. So, let’s find out what the meaning of the Star Level is, what they do, and so on.

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clash royale star level explained
Clash Royale Star Level Explained

What Does Star Level Do in Clash Royale

The star level in Clash Royale doesn’t really do anything important. It’s just cosmetic. All it does is “improve” the look of your card. It’s a flex, nothing more. Then again, in a game like Clash Royale, flexing on the opponent is an integral part of the experience, isn’t it? There are three star levels a card can have. The first one requires 5,000 Star Points and the card has to be level 7, the second 10,000 Star Points and a level-10 card, and the third 20,000 Star Points and a level-13 card.

As for how you earn Star Points, there are two ways to do it. First off, when you reach King Level 6, you can get them from opening chests. A Common Chest can drop 1 Star, Rare Chests can drop 10 Stars, Epic Chests 100 Stars, and Legendary Chests 1,000 Stars. Another way to obtain the Points to raise the Clash Royale card Star Level is to tap your XP bar to toggle it to Star Points. That way, you’ll get them whenever you upgrade or donate cards. Remember to toggle it back to XP when you’re done grinding Points, so that none of your work is wasted.

There is one thing that we have to mention here. In the latest summer update, the one that added Banner Tokens and Battle Banners in general, the developers changed a little something about the Star Level. As the patch notes read: “Star levels are now hidden when viewing card info screens from the Clan UI.” So, if that’s been bothering you, don’t worry, it’s not a glitch.

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