Brawlhalla Legends That are Part Human or Used to be Human

A new week and with it comes a whole new slew of weekly challenges in Brawlhalla. These are fun and rewarding activities that are often puzzling as well as difficult. To solve them, you will often need to know a lot about the backstories and lore of various Legends. Take this week’s challenge, which requires that you “Win matches with Legends that are either part human or used to be human”. To save you the time you otherwise would have needed to spend figuring out which Legends fit this criteria, we are going to list out the characters you can use to quickly complete this challenge.

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Brawlhalla Legends That are Part Human or Used to be Human

Win Matches With Legends That are Either Part Human or Used to be Human

Since Legends in Brawlhalla consist of many fantastical characters, it should come as no surprise that quite a few of them are part human or otherwise used to be fully human at some point in their lives. Here’s which Legends you can select to complete this challenge:

  • Azoth, the One-Man Dynasty. Though he is now undead, Azoth used to be alive (a long, long time ago).
  • Artemis, The Answer. Until her cosmic powers manifested, Artemis used to be a normal human woman. Now, she is something far more than human, as she battles in Brawlhalla clad in her star-forged armor.
  • Asuri, The Night Stalker. Before becoming a Tiger, Asuri was a little girl.
  • Bödvar, The Unconquered Viking, The Great Bear. A mighty Viking warrior, Bödvar traveled to Valhalla – the resting place of the warriors who have fell in battle – and let himself in.
  • Mordex, The Ravenous. Like most Werewolves, Mordex was a man until he was bitten and cursed by a Lycanthrope.
  • Magyar, The Spectral Guardian. Another undead Legend, before becoming a ghost, Magyar was a knight.
  • Volkov, The Vampire King. Yet another undead, before vampirism, Volkov was a King of a faraway land.
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