Destiny 2 Skydock IV Location, How to Get to Lost Sector

Don’t know where to find the Destiny 2 Skydock IV location? The second week of the Season of Plunder is here and it brings a host of new activities to the looter shooter. Among many parts of the weekly update, there’s a new Lost Sector in rotation – Skydock IV. In our step-by-step guide, we explain how to enter the Destiny 2 Skydock IV lost sector.

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Destiny 2 Skydock IV Location, How to Get to Lost Sector?
The Entrance to the Destiny 2 Skydock IV Lost Sector.

Destiny 2 Skydock IV Lost Sector Location

The vast majority of Lost Sectors are located in the European Dead Zone (EDZ), and with Skydock IV things are no different. More precisely, it is a Lost Sector in the Sunken Isles sector. And finding it is relatively easy, it is considered to be one of the easier sectors to find. Once you spawn at the Sunken Isles landing zone, what you need to do is to head toward Firebase Hades’ middle area. From there, you’ll spot a tunnel entrance on your right, with warm-orange glowing lights at the entrance. Enter the tunnel and then immediately turn left. Soon you will spot a huge pit, jump down. From there, proceed left and just follow the only way down until you eventually reach all the rooms of the lost sector.

So there you have that’s how you find the location of this lost sector. Although it might sound complicated, it’s actually rather straightforward to come there. The most important part is to properly locate the entrance, which you can see in our featured image above. From there, all you need to do is to keep descending and you’ll eventually meet Legionaries led by Unstoppable Incendior. The boss of this area is Colossus, previously known as Devourer Darg. With that said, our guide is now completed. If you are more of a visual-type, check out this video to learn how to get to the Skydock IV lost sector.

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